AirBnb to Open Branded Apartments Building in 2018

AirBnb has partnered with real estate developer Newgard Development Group to launch a branded apartment building in Florida. The project plans a 300-unit building with the name “Niido powered by Airbnb” to be built in Kissimmee.

The tenants of the building will be able to exclusively rent their free space, the whole apartment or just the free rooms, for up to 180 days a year through the AirBnb platform.

As the first AirBnb apartments are expected to open in 2018, we couldn’t help but wonder isn’t that a big change in the strategy of the sharing economy powered startup, but Jaja Jackson, head of multi-family housing projects at Airbnb, has said that “This is something that philosophically matches with our long-term strategy.”

As AirBnb says that the projects match its long-term strategy, Newgard shared that in the upcoming two years they are planning to build 2,000 Airbnb branded units. Harvey Hernandez, CEO of Newgard, explains this strategic move as explain the demographics they are targeting.

“The demographic that we are targeting are traveling more than ever before,” he says. “So when that property is empty, they can be making money with it.”

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