Amy Tez: Pitching with Passion and Grit – How to Fall in Love with Public Speaking

This blog post is written by Amy Tez and was originally published on her blog. Amy is a highly-trained London-based actress with 20 years of professional theater experience. She is also an entrepreneur, business strategist, and performance coach. Her mission is to get the entrepreneurial world speaking with the same brilliance as world-class actors and to teach them how to pitch with the passion of a natural-born performer.


I had my first public speaking gig in a long while. I was to stand on stage and deliver a simple enough seminar on Radical Entrepreneurship and Leading with Brilliance.

I coach entrepreneurs as well as actors to perform with passion, so it was time to walk my own talk. How can I coach my clients accurately unless I subject myself to the same experience?

I was excited and unafraid by the prospect. I love performing. It’s in my blood. I’d been an actress for years. And through what feels like a lifetime of constant humiliation, setbacks and slaps in the face, I have grown a pair of balls. I can do this. Acting is my craft. I would nail this talk no question.

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