Are You an Innovative Entrepreneur?


The most innovative entrepreneurs, who disrupt whole industries and create businesses that empower economy growth, have many traits in common that distinguish them from the other entrepreneurs, who are business owners, but their businesses are not aiming to create breakthrough innovation. Inventors think and act differently and are in constant search for answers, solutions, unique approaches and improvement.

Innovative entrepreneurs ask many questions and are always curious about everything. They like to observe the environment around them and get inspired by every little detail.

Innovative entrepreneurs look for solutions of even the smallest problem and write down even the craziest ideas that come to mind.

Innovative entrepreneurs like to communicate, to speak, to share their ideas and to listen to the ideas of others, which makes them the perfect interlocutor at every networking event.

Science-Inspired Design

During his TED Talk, Mathieu Lehanneur talks about the importance of involving at the same level of designers and engineers in order to create true innovation.

Everyday Inventions

During his Ted Talk, Saul Griffith talks about finding inspiration in everything around us, every single day!

Let People Be Makers

During his TED Talk, Dale Dougherty talks about the nature of humans as makers. He says that we are born to create things. So why fight it?

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