Attending Networking Events – The Secret to Discovering Great Opportunities

Attending networking events is a great way to discover opportunities, to establish new connections, and build the foundations of fruitful relationships for the future.

Networking events are the perfect alternative for entrepreneurs, who want to expand their social circles, to meet with like-minded people, fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals.

Finding new opportunities and discovering new ideas often happens through connecting and collaborating with others. Communicating only with certain people on daily basis for a long period of time can be very limiting.

Entrepreneurs with diverse networks are more likely to spot faster new opportunities, to get a fresh perspective, and make braver decisions based on information they have received through their networks.

The Impact of The Person You Haven’t Met Yet

According to the organizational psychologist Tanya Menon, the secret to discovering great opportunities comes with “the person you haven’t met yet.” In her very interesting TEDx Talk, Menon talks about new connections as “your ticket to a whole new social world”.

Living in a clique comes with a price when the time comes to look for a job when we need new ideas and new resources, Menon says. She refers to a paper by the famous sociologist Mark Granovetter called “The Strength of Weak Ties”. Granovetter asked a group of people about the way they have found their current jobs and the results are very interesting.

It turns out that the majority of the group did not discover the new opportunity throughout their strong ties, but through their weak ties, through the people, you have just met.

The people that you’ve just met today are “your ticket to a whole new social world”, Menon says and continues to the talk discussing the habits that we can break in order to embrace the opportunity that comes from expanding our networks. Let’s hear how we can break these limiting habits and become more open to new opportunities that come from out fresh network.


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