Bad Habits Entrepreneurs Should Break to Succeed

Bad habits

Entrepreneurs make a lot of sacrifices in their personal and professional lives in order to pursue their dreams, to invest in their ideas and to dedicate most (if not all of) their time to their businesses. To achieve success requires hard work, unlimited passion and courage. The entrepreneurs must unveil their full potential on their way to achieving success, which should include the breaking of some bad and unproductive habits that are holding them back.

Breaking a habit is not an easy thing to do, but once you identify the need for it and understand the advantages from losing an unproductive habit, you are able to speed up the process. The first step is to determine which habit is holding you back. To help you with this, here we’ve collected a list of the five most common bad habits that entrepreneurs have.

Hold and attend unproductive meetings

Unproductive meetings are such time wasters! Entrepreneurs, who value their time, should break the bad habit of accepting every invitation to a meeting or holding a meeting about every single decision that should be made in the company. To learn more about how to avoid ineffective meetings, check out the following article: Time Management Matters: Say NO to Unproductive Meetings.

Fail to delegate

Many entrepreneurs feel the need to control every single small detail related to their startups. Some of them are too attached to their businesses that struggle to make the decision to delegate some important tasks to their employees. This habit can be very destructive, especially when the business starts growing and the business processes become not only more as quantity but also more complex. Successful leaders are aware of the power of delegating and you should be too. For more information of the subject, check Effective Leadership: The Importance of Learning How to Delegate.


Waiting for the perfect moment to start a company has killed more entrepreneurial ideas and dreams than actual failure. The perfect moment to begin your startup venture will never come – there always is going to be something that is not right. The same is valid for completing tasks and obsessing about every single detail. Many entrepreneurs get stuck on a specific problem and spend all of their time and efforts solely on this task. This can be not only time-consuming, but also stressful and frustrating.


Many business owners believe that they can gallop through their to-do lists and still effectively complete all the tasks on their schedule. They try to handle many different things at a time, which can be not only unproductive, but also can create unnecessarily stress and tiredness. Multitasking simply doesn’t work, especially when all the tasks that need to be handled are of significant importance and require your full attention. If you want to learn more why multitasking is not the best way to approach your to-do list, check out The Power of Focusing on One Thing at a Time.

Never having time off

The idea of the non-stop working entrepreneur, who doesn’t think that needs time off, has been circling around long enough to turn this misconception into well-believed “truth” among startup founders. The truth is that busy entrepreneurs need time off to recharge in order to maintain their energy level up and to avoid burnout. Burnout is one of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs fail to achieve their goals. To prevent this from happening to you, you should watch out for the warning signs and take action if you notice that they are common for you. For more information on the topic, check out: 4 Warning Signs of Entrepreneurial Burnout.

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