Become Better at Pitching: Build Your Public Speaking Confidence

Public speaking

Fear of public speaking is very common and can be baneful for every entrepreneur’s attempt to raise money for their startup through pitching. Building your public speaking confidence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a long way of practice and learning to control the fear of presenting in front of others before you are able to say that you are mentally and physically ready to nail your next investor pitch.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you have probably prepared well for your next pitch. Let’s say that you have your business plan ready, you have created killer presentation slides and script and you have practiced hours before the big moment. You know that you have it all covered, but still there is something missing, something that is holding you back from completely believing in your ability to succeed – you lack confidence.

There are many things that you can do to boost your confidence and to eliminate the fear of public speaking, but you should remember that true certainty of your abilities and skills can come first from within. To help you build better public speaking skills and to help you ace your next investor pitch, here we have put together for you three tips that will be of great use on your way to achieving your goals through pitching.

The three P: Prepare, Practice, Present

Building up your confidence is easily achievable if you work hard towards it. Put your efforts into preparation, practice and rehearsal of your presentation, and you will most definitely feel the confidence building up in your mind.

Stay focused

Rehearsals are important, but you should remember that the actual pitching environment will not be as calm as the place where you practice your speech. It is very likely to have many distractions around you when you pitch investors. Try to stay focused and ignore everything else that is happening around you. Focus is essential element of creating the perfect pitch, so try to keep your mind centered on.

Embrace the stress

Feeling stressed before your pitch is very normal. Many entrepreneurs try to ignore the stress, which can backfire later after it builds up within. Try to embrace the nervousness and to make it work for you, not against you. Stress is not always bad. It can actually be good for you if you know how to handle it. To get one interesting perspective on the subject, check Kelly McGonigal’s TED Talk: How to make stress your friend.

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