Behind The Mindset of the Persuasive Investor Pitcher

Success comes to people, who have the right mindset. The things that hold many entrepreneurs back from delivering the perfect investor pitch and becoming the most persuasive pitcher at every event might not be on their slides but in their heads.

The personality of the entrepreneur plays a key role in the presentation process. It is about the energy the entrepreneur has. Persuasive pitchers get on the stage with the right mindset – the mindset of success. The way you think about your investor pitch influences the delivery of the pitch.

If you embrace the right mindset, you will feel more comfortable on the stage. A perfect blend between the following three, tailored to the essence of your product/service will help you become the persuasive investor pitcher that you want and need to be. So embrace them!

The Mindset of a Sales Expert

As entrepreneurs, you are constantly selling – to your customers, to your partners, to your investors. When you pitch investors you are selling your idea to them, so do it right as a good salesman/saleswoman. Highly effective sales people possess a blend of personality traits and skills that make them so successful. They are optimistic and enthusiastic; they solve a problem and present an opportunity; they are active listeners; they build relationships based on trust; they know exactly what they want to achieve with their sales pitch. Incorporate these elements in your pitch deck and presentation delivery and you will be one step closer to closing the best deal for your business!

The Mindset of an Extraordinary Visionary

It takes courage, persistence, and resistance to be an aspiring visionary, who is not afraid to think out of the box. Visionary leaders and innovators are not afraid to present their craziest ideas as far as they truly believe in them. Visionaries don’t follow the trends, they create them. When you craft your pitch, stay true to yourself and your business vision. If you are genuinely different and you stand strongly behind your ideas, your pitch will be successful.

The Mindset of an Investor

Investors think differently from the rest of the people.  They see opportunities in places where others wouldn’t, they like to take calculated risks, they trust their gut and have a good relationship with money. When you craft your pitch, try to put yourself in the shoes of the investors. If you were sitting in your chair, would you invest in your business?

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