The Best Strategy To Become The Most Memorable Person In The Room

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As an entrepreneur, working any room in the most effective way will help you make the most of every networking event you attend. Having persuasive communication skills, wonderful and charismatic personality and on-point body language will take you a long way, but not everybody is lucky enough to have these traits.

But there is one thing that can help you become the most memorable person in the room, which is very simple and easy to imply. The key is to make your interlocutors feel important.

Making someone feel important is the first step to building a strong relationship with them. People like to be recognized, to be appreciated, and to feel special. But how can you sincerely make someone feel important without sounding fake or like a bootlicker? Here are three ways that you can do to effortlessly make anyone feel important:

Talk less, listen more – people like to hear their own voice, especially when there is somebody that is actively listening, replying accordingly, and asking relevant questions.

Recognize their expertise – people spend years developing their special skills, learning and working hard to get where they want to be. Find out what the person you speak with has a deep knowledge in and emphasize on their expertise.

Stay present – there are so many distractions around us – emails, text messages, social media notifications. If you want to effectively connect with someone, make them feel important by showing your true interest in them. Put your phone aside. Be present during the whole conversation. People nowadays really appreciate that because it happens rarely.

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