Beyond PR or Three Different Ways to Get Your Name Out There


Building a business brand is an ongoing project that every entrepreneur must evaluate often and update regularly. The development and implementation of the traditional marketing and PR strategies are essential for the success of every starting company, but often the entrepreneurs need to go the extra mile in order to achieve better results.

It is important to think out of the box when it comes to getting your brand name out there and the following three ways to follow are a great way to begin.

Be a leader in your local entrepreneurial community

Entrepreneurs like to communicate with like-minded people, who share the same passions and ambitions to build companies, to innovate and to change the world one step at a time. Participating in entrepreneurship clubs in high school and college is typical for natural-born entrepreneurs, who have known all their lives that they want to start and run their own companies.

If you haven’t been a member of an entrepreneurship club in college, it is not late to become a part of one now. Having a strong presence in your local entrepreneurship community is essential. It is a great way to establish strong connections, to keep up with the local trends, to exchange ideas and to establish strong relationships. But being in is not enough – you should be active. Your local community is the first step to building a strong network of brand advocates.

Organize activities and events, start a book club or discussion club, arrange monthly or weekly meet-ups with interesting agendas. Connect and network with local organizations, clubs, and initiatives to build a strong community around you. If you want to conquer the world, start small and dream big.

Share your knowledge with the world…

…for free. Freebies are an amazing way to get your name out there. People love free things, especially when they are very informative and educational. Think about the things that you are very good at finding a way to share your knowledge about these things with the world. To be helpful is very rewarding and a great way to receive feedback, to connect with others and to grow your following. Become a trusted advisor and an influencer to others, which will enhance your personal brand tremendously.

Go under the spotlight at every pitching and networking event

Pitching and networking events are a great way to meet with potential investors, clients and other entrepreneurs. Make the most of every event that you attend – network effectively, to build relationships and add value.

Pitching events give the entrepreneurs a stage to present their ideas to a broader audience, including not only the attending guests but also an online audience as the majority of the events are streamed online like The Pitcher 2017 was.

If you don’t want to be a pitcher, other ways to add value to every pitching and networking event that you attend is to partner with the organizers in a way that can be beneficial to all sides. Ask to lead a workshop or a seminar or to position a booth that showcases your business – it is a great way to connect with more attendants, to give visibility to your business and to get social media coverage.

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