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Four Ways to Pitch Like a Shark Tank Contestant

The hit ABC show Shark Tank is a great source of inspiration for entrepreneurs, who are struggling to perfect their investor pitches. Since the first episode of the show aired back in 2009, many great deals have been made between the sharks and the entrepreneurs and many successful products have been funded like Scrub Daddy,…

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Three Tips for Successful Co-Founder Relationship

Starting a business is a long challenging path that you shouldn’t walk alone. Starting on your own may seem as the best idea but somewhere on the way, you may find out that having a partner by your side can help you move forward much faster and more effectively.

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The Way to Changing the Perspective on Discovering Startup Talent

In the entrepreneurial world where talent is one of the key elements of success, missing out on a great hiring opportunity is a huge setback. Especially, if that great hire goes to the competition.  But, in reality, this often happens. And the main reason for it is the fact that the hiring systems that we…

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The Greatest Speeches in History: Bobbi Brown’s Address at Fashion Institute of Technology

The Greatest Speeches in History is a weekly column that compiles the most memorable speeches in history with the goal to emphasize on the power of public speaking, to illustrate its importance, impact, and necessity to master. This week we focus on one very special speech delivered at FIT by the makeup mogul Bobbi Brown,…

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Seven Powerful Insights from Successful Women in Tech

The fields of technology and engineering have always been dominated by men but this, slowly yet surely, is beginning to change. More and more women are entering the tech scene, succeed in key positions and become influential leaders who inspire others.

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10 Things You Should Learn Before Starting a Business

Entrepreneurship is a potentially exciting journey full of ups and downs, goals to reach and mistakes to make. Ambitious entrepreneurs want to make it right on the first try, which adds more pressure from the start. The truth is that making mistakes is inevitable. But you can avoid some major ones if you are aware…

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The Pitch Deck That Helped Canvas Raise $9 Million

The funding process is a very complex process for a startup and the pitch deck plays an important part in it. Crafting an outstanding pitch deck that highlights your business in the best possible way is essential if you want to complete the funding round successfully.

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Can Fostering Fairness be The Leadership Strategy Your Startup Needs to Succeed?

There are many metrics that can be taken into consideration when an entrepreneur tries to predict the future of their company. Business leaders focus on inventory, on sales, on acquiring more customers, on outmaneuvering the competition and so on but often make the mistake to underestimate the power and importance of creating a motivated and…

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Five Ways to Make Your To-Do List Not Just Doable But Effective

There is one thing that otherwise the courageous entrepreneurs fear the most – the unfinished to-do list in the end of the day that makes them feel like they have failed to make the most of the past 24 hours. Why to-do lists are that scary when they have to be just a tool that…

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Three Things to Remember When You Experience Founders Fatigue

Founders fatigue is the worst emotionally-related experiences entrepreneurs face. When the excitement of having full control over your life and the freedom to take all important decisions is pushed aside by the constant worry when the next check will come and how to win the next customer over your competition, the thrill of being an…

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