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5 Things That Block Your Creativity

Bringing an idea to life is one of the most exciting things an inspiring entrepreneur can experience. Watching how your bravest idea is becoming a business with the potential to grow and flourish is very motivational for all innovators and visionary leaders. But where do great ideas come from? They are a product of inspiration,…

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Redefining Entrepreneurial Success and Failure

Failure and success – the two most discussed topics among entrepreneurs, who are courageous enough to risk everything on their way to pursuing their dreams and building businesses from scratch. On one hand, success is difficult to define because the different people tend to value their achievements differently. On the other hand, failure is often…

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Brand advocates
Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs Brand Advocates

Having strong online presence is very important for startups and a great way to build and promote a brand, but many entrepreneurs overlook this importance. Most small business owners operate on tight budgets and lack the resources to hire social media managers to promote their brands online. But there is another way to spread the…

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Bad habits
Bad Habits Entrepreneurs Should Break to Succeed

Entrepreneurs make a lot of sacrifices in their personal and professional lives in order to pursue their dreams, to invest in their ideas and to dedicate most (if not all of) their time to their businesses. To achieve success requires hard work, unlimited passion and courage. The entrepreneurs must unveil their full potential on their…

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Elevator pitch
The Essential Components of the Perfect Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is one of the most powerful tools, which entrepreneurs use on their way to achieving their business goals. Whether they are looking for the right investor or presenting their businesses to potential partners, clients or associates, the elevator pitch is the ideal way to present an overview of your company and highlight…

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Positive mindset
Startup Challenges: 3 Ways to Maintain a Positive Mindset

Maintaining positive attitude, while going through challenging times for their businesses or the economy in general, can be very difficult and even impossible for some business owners. Staying optimistic when the entrepreneurial path gets rocky may seem as a naive behavior to many people, but can be a life-changing and the best business-saving decision for…

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The Advantages Startups Have Over Large Companies

Well-established companies have many advantages before starting businesses: from being able to operate with larger capital through maintaining strong relationships with long-term loyal clientele to having bigger market share and producing variety of products in different areas. To compete with large companies can be very intimidating for entrepreneurs with limited resources who devote all of…

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5 Relationships Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Building strong professional and personal network is important for all entrepreneurs. But having a large network doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a strong one. Entrepreneurs must aim to establish effective and meaningful relationships, beneficial for both sides, in order to make their communication more efficient, productive and enjoyable. Here we will highlight the five…

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Weekly Startup Focus: Tink, Journi and blogfoster

Our weekly startup column is focused on putting together a list of three innovative startups on weekly basis in order to spread the word about the impactful role that these young companies play in their niches. This week we keep our startup focus on the following three companies – meet Tink (Sweden), Journi (Austria) and…

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Tony Hsieh
20 Awesome Tony Hsieh Quotes from Delivering Happiness

The American internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist and CEO of the online shoe and clothing shop Zappos Tony Hsieh is one of the most significant people of the entrepreneurial scene. In his book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, he shares the most important life and business lessons that he has learned along…

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