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Five Steps to an Effective Business Turnaround

The business world is changing very fast and dramatically. Small businesses and growing companies often find it challenging to embrace the changes and to adapt to the chaos these changes often cause. Entrepreneurs should be flexible in their strategies and leaders must adjust their approaches according to the demands of the circumstances if they don’t…

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Effective Ways for Startups to Attract Angel Investors and VCs

Entrepreneurs often get stressed when the time to raise capital for their companies comes. It is a very challenging moment, especially when we talk about first-time investment from angel investors or VCs. The competition is tough and the stakes are very high, so it is important the entrepreneurs to be well-prepared, to pay attention to…

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Side hustle
3 Advantageous Benefits of Having a Side Hustle

Starting your own business has always been on your long term to-do list, but you’ve never had enough time, money or stability to begin your entrepreneurial journey. Does it sound familiar? Don’t be frustrated with yourself – this scenario is very common. The time to start a business will never be perfect. There is always…

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4 Critical Success Factors for Startups

Things of great value, which make a difference, take time and patience to be created. Building a profitable company is a long journey, paved with many obstacles. The path often gets rocky and many entrepreneurs can’t overcome the obstacles, which leads to the failure of the company. The statistics show that about 50% of the…

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Weekly Startup Focus: PublishDrive, Goodvidio and Webydo

Supporting and motivating ambitious and talented entrepreneurs from around the world to expand their networks helps the growth and advancement of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a global level. Every week we are introducing to our audience three promising startups and this week we keep our startup focus on PublishDrive (Hungary), Goodvidio (Greece) and Webydo (Israel)….

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How to Stay Focused and Productive During Times of Crisis

When a difficult situation arises, people tend to panic. The anxiety prevails and often compromises the ability of the people to objectively observe the situation and to look for solutions. Many crises of different scale and type emerge in one’s lifetime – no matter if the crises is personal, professional or economical, it is always…

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Successful entrepreneurs
Three Significant Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Iron will, creative genius and unlimited passion are among the traits possessed by some of the most notorious entrepreneurs of our times. Natural-born entrepreneurial talents are well-recognized – they stand out in every room that they are in. It is easy to spot the innovative thinker…

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Pitching events
3 Reasons to Attend Pitching Events if You Are Not Currently Fundraising

Many entrepreneurs begin attending pitching and networking events only when the time for raising money has come. This is not the boldest move to make. Fundraising is tough. It is challenging, competitive and can take a lot of time. Start the process of turning the odds of securing funding in your favor much before you…

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5 Ways to Make Your Startup Irresistible to Investors

Raising funds for a starting company is not an easy task. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs start preparing themselves for this moment long before they actually need (or are ready) to start raising money. They know what it takes to build a company that is irresistible to the investors. Here we will boil down the most important steps…

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10 Fitness and Health Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur and a devoted business leader, it is important to take care of your personal well-being in order to stay healthy, full of energy and strength. Today’s mobile capabilities are allowing every person, even the busiest entrepreneur, to easily take charge of their own health habits, healthcare and fitness goals. Don’t neglect your…

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