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25 Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Starting a business is very challenging venture that imposes a lot of risk and uncertainty. The exciting journey of being a first-time entrepreneur sounds very tempting to many people, who desire to be “their own boss”. Others are lured by the idea of creating the next “overnight success story” by turning their awesome idea into…

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3 Things That Make You Look Unprofessional at Networking Events

Networking is very powerful way to expand the horizon of entrepreneurs and help them to spot new opportunities. If it is not for attending networking and pitching events, it would be extremely difficult for all busy entrepreneurs to find the time and the chance to meet new people, who share the same ideas and passion…

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Business plan
5 Things to Do Before You Start Writing Your Business Plan

The importance of writing a business plan has been a major discussion topic among entrepreneurs and investors. Many say that the entrepreneurs should have ready very detailed business plan before they start their businesses. Others argue that entrepreneurs don’t need to have all detailed information in one place to get started and should concentrate on…

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Weekly Startup Focus: Workable, Kidsy and Speaky

As our weekly column is solely dedicated to the idea of showcasing promising startups from around the world that are making a difference in their niche, this week there is no difference. Today we introduce to our audience three interesting European startups that have the potential to grow and be the successful businesses they were…

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6 Principles to Build Resilient Business

Building a company around a product that is of great value to its customers is a very common venture, but the statistics show that these types of companies are not designed to last in the long run. The key selling points of a product may be efficiency and less complexity in the short term, but…

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Introvert entrepreneurs
Three Personal Branding Tips for Introvert Entrepreneurs

Successful branding is the most powerful way to accelerate the growth of your starting company. Building a recognizable brand that is valued by the customers and is very attractive to the targeted audience is not an easy job, but with the right approach and with the use of the appropriate tools and strategies any startup…

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How to Find the Right Investor for Your Startup

At some certain moment, every startup gets to the point of needing money in order to continue its existence and accelerate its growth. Looking for funding is a long process that requires a lot of effort from the entrepreneurs. But to make the fundraising more effective, the ultimate goal here becomes not just raising specific…

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Productive entrepreneurs
8 Things Really Productive Entrepreneurs Never Do

Successful entrepreneurs, who value their time, know how to be more productive and how to make the most of every minute of their work day. All entrepreneurs have different working styles that match their schedules and personalities. The key to becoming the master of one’s time and to learning how to maximize the effect of their…

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3 TED Talks to Help You Make Better Decisions

The decisions entrepreneurs make on daily basis determine the course of their startup journey. The business choices they make are very important. From finding the right co-founder to join them on their startup adventure through hiring their first employees to choosing a funding method or an investor to work with – it is all a…

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3 Key Components of Successful Risk Management Strategy

Starting a business is exciting, but also a very risky venture. The opportunities are tremendous, so are the obstacles. This is why the entrepreneurs should determine the biggest risks that they may face and craft an operative plan to minimize their effects. The product, market fit, execution, and financial risks are the four main challenges…

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