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Startup focus
Weekly Startup Focus: Introducing Missum, Twago and 4Screens

Supporting talent, entrepreneurial potential and innovative high-growth business ideas through showcasing promising startups and introducing the impactful work they do to broader audience has become priority to ThePitcher team. This week we will keep our startup focus on three different yet very impactful companies by presenting to you Missum, Twago and 4Screens.

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Marketing Books
The Best Marketing Books for Entrepreneurs

All solo-entrepreneurs in the beginning of their venture play the key and most significant roles in their companies – finance, marketing, HR, – everything is in their hands. The responsibilities are many and the expectations are high. The future of the startup depends on these important first months. To keep up with all the responsibilities,…

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investor pitch
Five Phrases That Will Doom Your Investor Pitch

Well-crafted investor pitch can help you to sky-rocket your business. Entrepreneurs spend sufficient amount of their time preparing for the five minutes of spotlight, driven by the ambition to take the chance and to win the attention of the investors. It is important to remember that investors hear dozens of pitches on daily basis and…

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5 Tools to Help You Generate Awesome Startup Name

Who doesn’t want to have a legendary, super-catchy startup name? But the process of choosing the right company name is not as simple as many may think. It is time-consuming, sometimes even very stressful. To save you valuable time, here we’ve collected for you five great tools that will boost your creativity and will help…

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ThePitcher 2016: Special Interview with Christina Matiaki from Liked.gr

As the winners of the contest organized by the Greek accelerator Metavallon, exclusive partner of ThePitcher event, the team of Liked.gr flew to Istanbul and on April 16th took ThePitcher stage by storm. They had the opportunity to pitch some of the most prominent investors in the region, to meet with fellow entrepreneurs and enjoy…

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Entrepreneurial Leadership: The Power of Innovative Ideas That Spread

What makes ideas to spread is one very important question. Many people, especially entrepreneurs with passion for innovation and strong leadership skills, would love to get the answer of this question. Natural-born leaders understand the value of innovative ideas, which can grab the attention of the customers and spread widely, which is why they tend…

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The 3 Pillars of Successful Startup Mentoring

Having a mentor gives a great advantage for every entrepreneur, who needs guidance and support through their entrepreneurial journey, but finding the right mentor is what truly can make the cooperation meaningful, successful, and fruitful. How to know if the mentor will be right for you, you may wonder? To help you answer this question,…

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8 Annoying Startup Myths Entrepreneurs Must Ignore

The mystical life of an entrepreneur looks like one never-ending journey in a land of excitement and dreams-come-true. Sounds great, right? Well, the reality is a little bit different than that. The long hours, constant setbacks and failure, which are more common than the bright-sided stories, define better the entrepreneurial journey. There are many startup…

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emotional intelligence
The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Your Investor Pitch

There are many things that investors look for in an entrepreneur – passion, ambition, skills, knowledge, experience, and so on. Leadership skills, backed by strong confidence and high emotional intelligence, often stand at the top 10 of the list. It is important to emphasize on these essential personal qualities when you prepare your next investor…

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The Best Communication Tools for Remote Teams

The advantages of working remotely are many – it saves time, it is cheaper, eco-friendly, gives more freedom and flexibility. Many entrepreneurs bet on building remote teams in order to attract better talent (millennials truly appreciate the freedom of flexible working hours), to save money and to avoid the limitations of being stuck in one…

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