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Decode Pitching: 4 Signs that an Investor is Interested in Your Startup

Pitching events bring tremendous amount of opportunities to the entrepreneurs. All startups that are presenting on stage have the chance to win the attention of the investors, which can lead to many positive outcomes and securing funding is just one of them. But how can “a pitcher” know if they are going in the right…

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Mark Cuban
20 Mark Cuban Insights on Becoming Successful Entrepreneur

Billionaire Mark Cuban is one of the most popular and liked mentors, investors and entrepreneurs. He is extremely inspiring and his ability to motivate people to exceed their limits, to be more creative and braver is widely showcased on Shark Tank, where Cuban is one of the “sharks”. Besides his impressive wealth, his expertise and…

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Startup team
5 Ways to Encourage Your Startup Team Without Breaking The Bank

Working for a startup is not easy. It often gets tough, stressful and tiring. Startups need highly-motivated teams in order to succeed and thrive. It is challenging for entrepreneurs, who are having hard times financially to keep their employees motivated without to have to break the bank for it. Here you can find 5 very…

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Pitching events
How Attending Pitching Events Improve the Chances of Investment

Investors don’t only look for the business aspects when they choose a startup to invest in, but also are very interested in the entrepreneur’s personality and abilities when they make their investment decisions. They are able to effectively observe and efficiently estimate the potential of a startup, especially when their judgment is backed by solid…

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Why Successful Entrepreneurs Sleep More?

Entrepreneurs are used to living in the fast line. Their lives are busy, dynamic, stressful, and sometimes very challenging. Working hard, long hours in a competitive environment is extremely exhausting. In the long run, this type of lifestyle can lead to dangerous consequences – from inability to perform well through burnout to serious health problems….

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Weekly Startup Focus: Boaterfly, Holidu and Withlocals

Visionary entrepreneurs are changing the world through innovation and are disrupting whole industries with their ideas, products and services. To keep up with all trends that are being set by innovative new companies, our startup column is created with the ambition on weekly basis to introduce to our audience three promising startups from around the…

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7 Critical Elements Investors Look for in Your Startup

Starting a business requires certain amount of cash to help the entrepreneur get the things going. While the most common advice entrepreneurs get is to bootstrap their ventures or use the help of friends and family for beginning, after some time the need for further investment becomes apparent. Raising money is not a piece of…

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The Power of Authenticity in Entrepreneurship

Nowadays new products and services emerge in the marketplace with the speed of light and with the same speed eventually disappear. The competition is extremely strong and even, in times and specific niches, aggressive. Entrepreneurs, who are aiming to not only start a company, but also to stay and even dominate the marketplace, are working…

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7 Damaging Behaviors of Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs share many common traits, which help them along the way to achieving their goals. The same is true about unsuccessful people – they share similar behaviors that are holding them back on their way to success. If you want to be more productive, concentrated and motivated, avoid falling into the trap of the…

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30 Peter Drucker Quotes That Will Rock Your Startup World

“The inventor of modern management”, Peter F. Drucker radically changed the way management, leadership, and entrepreneurship were discussed. Through his work as a writer, teacher, management consultant and thinker, and business visionary, he has managed to make a tremendous impact on the business world. Here we’ve collected 30 of his greatest quotes that will inspire…

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