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Seven Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Say

Success can be defined in many ways and regardless of your personal definition the path of achieving your goals is never easy. The way an entrepreneur reacts to the difficult moments says a lot about their personality and ability to thrive in the startup world. Successful entrepreneurs have many traits in common and the way…

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20 Questions Investors Ask Entrepreneurs at Pitching Events

Attending pitching and networking events is a big deal for entrepreneurs, who are interested in raising capital for their ventures, popularizing their startup and expanding their current network. The opportunities are many but the competition is relentless. Pitching events are crowded by ambitious entrepreneurs who have a lot to put on the table and are…

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Winning the Startup Life: Happiness and Entrepreneurship

Meeting with entrepreneurs and following and observing their startup ventures and entrepreneurship paths have been a big part of my work for years. There are many interesting stories, which a person can hear from entrepreneurs of any age and background. The business aspect of entrepreneurship is substantial, but what fascinates me the most is the…

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Business classes
Four Business Classes Every Entrepreneur Must Take

The entrepreneurial spirit never sleeps – it always haunts the startup enthusiasts to work hard towards achieving their goals, growing their businesses and becoming better (if not the best) at what they do. Successful people of any age and occupation have a number of traits in common – they all live by higher standards and…

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startup focus
Weekly Startup Focus: Meet Jobbatical, XING and Bee Smart Technologies

Keeping up with what is happening in the startup scene around the world is important for all entrepreneurs. It is always good to keep an eye on that hot European startup or on that highly skilled and impressive entrepreneur from India. Inspiration and motivation is all around us, we just have to be ready to…

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Pitching Hack for Success: Sending the right message

Many skilled and talented entrepreneurs face regular rejections from investors and the reasons for these rejections often look unexplainable. Everything in the startup is great – you have an awesome team of experienced people, who work perfectly together, you have sufficient market share and awesome product, significant customer network and the support of good mentors…

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The Founder’s Dilemma: Are You Ready to Launch Your Startup?

Starting a business is a dream for many people, who are sick and tired of working from 9 to 5 and can’t stand any longer to be lead by bad management. They just want to take everything in their own hands and become the master of their time. But how could a person know when…

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Advice for First-Time Entrepreneurs: Think Big!

First-time entrepreneurs often start their business ventures with big expectations, less preparation and the lack of strong strategy. Needless to say how inconvenient of a beginning it will be if you fail to prepare. The challenges are countless but one of the biggest disadvantages, which first-time entrepreneurs have, is the lack of strong support system….

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Human resources
4 Useful Human Resources Tools for Small Businesses

Small business owners face a lot of challenges on everyday basis related with different aspects of their companies. It is easy to ignore the human resources side of the business when you have that much going on, which doesn’t mean that you should do that. It is not OK to mismanage this serious aspect of…

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Sales skills
5 Essential Sales Skills that Guarantee Your Startup Success

Cutting-edge sales skills are extremely valuable for every entrepreneur. The ability to sell your ideas, innovative product, and yourself as an entrepreneur is what will make you and your business successful. If you are serious about your startup venture and you are entering the business world to stay, you should be ready to hustle and…

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