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4 Steps of Generating and Implementing Innovative Ideas

Entrepreneurs, who tend to focus solely on their day-to-day work, tend to fall into a routine. The creative spark often fades away when the stress and pressure of running a business takes over. Thinking creatively is important in every level and stage of development of the company. By inspiring forward thinking, the entrepreneurs create more…

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Hacking Startup PR: 5 Tools for Entrepreneurs on Budget

Newly-created companies and startups that are trying to get off the ground rarely can afford to hire the services of professional PR agency to help them receive the media coverage they need. The lack of money doesn’t have to stop you from aiming to get press, because getting press is awesome for many reasons! It…

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Weekly Startup Focus: EasySize, Outify.me and Wanderio

The startup world is dynamic and exciting, fast-spinning and extremely interesting. Innovative ideas disrupt whole industries and solve important problems. Entrepreneurs with creative ideas create products and services that improve different aspects of people’s lives. In our column, we tend to focus on companies that bring unique value to their marketplace. This is why this…

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Are You a Bad Leader? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Leadership is proven to be one of the most important business fundamentals that should be mastered by entrepreneurs. Good leadership skills increase drastically the chances of startup success. There are some people, who are natural born leaders. Others need to spend the time to actually learn about the traits of a successful leader, to embrace…

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Email marketing
10 Awesome Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

The email marketing is very powerful and effective way to connect with current customers, to attract new ones and, therefore, to increase sales. The email connection remains private, establishing stronger relationship with the customers and generating the highest ROI for the marketing team. Email marketing, when done right, can bring many benefits, making it the…

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Information as the Driving Power of Innovative Thinking

The need to have up-to-date information about everything important that is happening not only in their niche, but in the world in general, is becoming a necessity for people who want to be experts, influencers and innovative thinkers, for people, who run startups and aim to build companies that not only look at the future,…

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Business fundamentals
Three Business Fundamentals Entrepreneurs Should Focus On

In the core, successful startups are ideas, to which strategic planning, effective execution plan, and good management have been added. To develop an idea to such limits, the entrepreneurs need to focus on the business aspect of starting a company. Concentrating on strategy, cash and people from day one increases the chances of startup success….

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Decode Pitching: 4 Signs that an Investor is Interested in Your Startup

Pitching events bring tremendous amount of opportunities to the entrepreneurs. All startups that are presenting on stage have the chance to win the attention of the investors, which can lead to many positive outcomes and securing funding is just one of them. But how can “a pitcher” know if they are going in the right…

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Mark Cuban
20 Mark Cuban Insights on Becoming Successful Entrepreneur

Billionaire Mark Cuban is one of the most popular and liked mentors, investors and entrepreneurs. He is extremely inspiring and his ability to motivate people to exceed their limits, to be more creative and braver is widely showcased on Shark Tank, where Cuban is one of the “sharks”. Besides his impressive wealth, his expertise and…

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Startup team
5 Ways to Encourage Your Startup Team Without Breaking The Bank

Working for a startup is not easy. It often gets tough, stressful and tiring. Startups need highly-motivated teams in order to succeed and thrive. It is challenging for entrepreneurs, who are having hard times financially to keep their employees motivated without to have to break the bank for it. Here you can find 5 very…

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