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Change as a Source of Innovative Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Change can be successfully exploited by talented entrepreneurs and turned to a major opportunity for generating ideas and practices for the development of different products and services. The most innovative creations have come to life as a result of change or seeking of change as a way to improve, solve a problem or prevent one…

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Goal setting
5 Rules for Successful Goal Setting

Successful entrepreneurs are goal-driven and ambitious – they know what they want and how to achieve it. They are not afraid to speak about their bravest dreams and to share with the rest of the world their ideas, no matter how crazy these ideas may sound to the others. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone –…

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Business strategy
Defining Exceptional Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Having clear and well-defined business strategy is extremely important for every starting company. It will set the course of the venture, making it easier for the founders and the startup employees to work towards leading the company in the right direction, closer to achieving the main objectives. The definition and development of the different types…

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Weekend habits
7 Weekend Habits That Make Mondays More Productive

Setting yourself for more effective and productive start of the week does not necessarily mean that you have to work hard on the weekend. There are certain things, which are not work-related, that can help you feel more energized and focused by Monday. Here you can find a list of seven weekend habits that can…

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Weekly Startup Focus: Startuptravels, Preply and AddGoals

Discovering the world of entrepreneurship and exploring the startup scenes around the world gives tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurs to get inspired, encouraged and confident to start or continue working on turning their business ideas into reality. To hearten this process, in our weekly column we introduce to our community successful startups from different parts of…

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The Importance of Raising Kids to be Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can learn many things from children – kids have unlimited curiosity about the world, freedom to express and act on their bravest ideas without worrying what others will think, exceptional creativity, kids are social and easily make new connections, ask a lot of questions, are not afraid to fail, to move on and start…

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Five Questions That Help Entrepreneurs to Evaluate Failure

Entrepreneurs take important decisions about their businesses on everyday basis. Making mistakes is inevitable part of running a business – all people blunder, no matter how talented and experienced they are. To fail is not the scariest part of being an entrepreneur. The worst is to go from failure to failure without drawing a lesson…

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Three Proven Pitch Tactics That Impress Investors

Fundraising is never easy. It is challenging because the stake is so high and the competition is so strong. To make the most of your pitch, you should be able to impress the investors and stand out from the crowd while you still manage to keep your authenticity. As there is no secret recipe that…

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The Best Five Books to Read Before a Fundraising Round

Entrepreneurs face many challenges when they first start their companies – they spend countless hours working on the development of the product, on the acquisition of customers, on building team of experts and so on, – but one of the biggest challenges comes with raising money. Fundraising is difficult process and requires time and preparation….

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Startup employees
How to Retain Your Most Valuable Startup Employees

What increases the chances of startup success? There are many business elements that can predict the future of a starting company. The best combination between innovative ideas, exceptional execution plans and talented and experienced team can form the foundations of a promising startup. Forming a great startup team can accelerate your business: investors are interested in…

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