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7 Particularly Valued Traits of Startup Employees

Tech companies are in constant search for talented, smart and motivated employees. Nowadays, when it comes to building a company, especially tech-oriented, significant amount of effort is dedicated on attracting, keeping and investing in human capital. Once you have managed to build the dream team for your startup, it is important to focus on keeping…

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Weekly Startup Focus: Sharepay, trip.me and Qurami

In our weekly column we focus on promising startups from around the world with the aim to spread the word of the way these companies are making a difference in the market. This week we introduce to you Sharepay (France), trip.me (Berlin, Germany) and Qurami (Italy). Sharepay Sharepay is a French startup aiming to simplify…

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Entrepreneurial Struggles: The Quick Road from Success to Failure

The reason why so many people reach success and struggle to keep up with it and eventually fail is that they believe that the road to success is a one way street – once you get there, you stay there. Many people, who have managed to reach the top of their goals and dreams decide…

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Startup lessons
5 Startup Lessons Entrepreneurs Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way

Entrepreneurship is a journey – sometimes the road is smooth, sometimes the path gets rocky. The challenges along the way may seem impossible to overcome, but the opportunities that emerge from them are countless. Innovative ideas are not always easy to implement in the complex world of entrepreneurship. There will be many trials and errors…

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6 Rules to Simplify Your Life as an Entrepreneur

The busy life of every entrepreneur can be defined with many words – challenging, overwhelming, exciting – but what people rarely talk about is how complex the work day of a startup founder can get. It has never been easier than now to start a company – the benefits of modern technology play key role…

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5 Ways to Get Investors to Take You More Seriously

It is difficult to get the attention of important people when you are just starting your business, especially when you are right in the beginning of building not only your startup but your personal brand and reputation as well. Along with the fact that it is challenging to impress investors and potential partners, it is…

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Target market
3 Questions to Answer When Indentifying Your Target Market

Identifying your target market is giving you the opportunity to create more effective strategy, to prioritize better the resources that you have, which for starting companies are often very limited, and to increase the chances of positioning your product successfully in the market segment. For startups, preparation is everything. By conducting research and asking the…

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Change as a Source of Innovative Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Change can be successfully exploited by talented entrepreneurs and turned to a major opportunity for generating ideas and practices for the development of different products and services. The most innovative creations have come to life as a result of change or seeking of change as a way to improve, solve a problem or prevent one…

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Goal setting
5 Rules for Successful Goal Setting

Successful entrepreneurs are goal-driven and ambitious – they know what they want and how to achieve it. They are not afraid to speak about their bravest dreams and to share with the rest of the world their ideas, no matter how crazy these ideas may sound to the others. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone –…

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Business strategy
Defining Exceptional Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Having clear and well-defined business strategy is extremely important for every starting company. It will set the course of the venture, making it easier for the founders and the startup employees to work towards leading the company in the right direction, closer to achieving the main objectives. The definition and development of the different types…

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