Boston Dynamics’ Robot Atlas Can Do Backflips Now

Robots are cool, no doubt about it. At times, they are even funny – you probably had a good laugh, as everybody else did, back in 2006, watching Honda’s Asimo robot falling off a set of stairs. Despite that it was amusing to watch, it made us feel like there is a long way for the robots to be able to do “human stuff”.

Well, in fact, it didn’t take that long (just 10 years) for Boston Dynamics to prove us all wrong by introducing to us a whole new humanoid robot generation – Atlas. And Atlas of 2016 was able to do quite impressive stuff like opening doors, lifting boxes and even walking through snow. Impressive, yet many people thought that Atlas still has a long way to go.

But not until less than a week ago Boston Dynamics did release a video that shows Atlas performing many human activities with such an ease – from sitting down and standing up through getting in and out of cars to… wait for it… a backflip!

So, Atlas now can do a backflip. Is it just a matter of time to see another DARPA challenge where all robots do stuff, which a huge part of the human population can’t (backflips, precisely)? It might be a very impressive achievement for robotics, but it is kind of scary, don’t you think? Just imagine a whole army of backflipping Atlases marching… It probably gave you chills.

But let’s focus on today and take a look at this incredible performance in the video below! What do you think?

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