Can The Japanese Game Shiritori Help You Generate Original Ideas?

“Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas.” Kevin O’Leary has said and we couldn’t agree more with the famous Mr. Wonderful. In the competitive world that we live in where constant innovation changes the business landscape quicker than ever, coming up with good ideas is not enough. What will make you stand out from the crowd is to come up with better ideas than the rest, ideas that are truly original?

To thrive in entrepreneurship, all startup teams must think creatively, untraditionally, out-of-the-box. But coming up with innovative ideas isn’t easy. It is a process that can’t be forced – it should come naturally and should spark enthusiasm, not frustration. So, the ways we foster creativity and look for new ideas have to be improved.

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Entrepreneurs should go beyond the traditional sources of inspiration and look further than the predictable, like toy developer Shimpei Takahashi has done. Analyzing data is important, but is it really that inspiring?

In his TedxTokyo talk, Shimpei Takahashi shares the interesting approach that he has discovered that helps him get unique ideas. He describes a simple word game called Shiritori that we all could play to come up with original ideas.

Shiritori is very easy to play a word game in which the players have to think of words that begin with the final letter of the previous word. How this game helps the spark of creativity, learn from the video below.


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