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Twitter Tests 280 Character Limit and Some Reactions Are Priceless

On Tuesday, Twitter made an announcement that it is testing the expansion of character count from 140 symbols to 280. This significant change will be tested by a random group of Twitter accounts and is not available in Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

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3 Short Films That Are Worth Your Time

To get ahead in business, the entrepreneurs need to master many skills, which are not directly connected with their niche or product and storytelling and public speaking are two of the most important ones. These two skills are essential for entrepreneurs, who sooner or later will pitch their businesses to potential investors, to new clients…

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Google Launches a Special Website With Resources For Entrepreneurs and Startups

Google has launched Startup with Google, a website where entrepreneurs and startup founder will have access to all company’s resources on the subject of launching and running a business.

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2025 Technological Tipping Points Predictions That Matter for Entrepreneurs

Advances in technology are the topic that everyone in the business world is interested in. Heated discussions about the way these advances are currently affecting and will continue to affect the way we live, work, and do business occur on daily basis. Undeniably, technology and innovation have changed already every aspect of our lives, which…

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Asia’s Richest Man Gets Tech CEOs Eccentricity to a Whole New Level

Who doesn’t know Jack Ma, the richest man in Asia? Alibaba’s founder and executive chairman doesn’t just have a net worth of $ 38.9 billion USD and a lot of interesting stories to share about his entrepreneurial journey, but apparently, he also knows how to channel his eccentricity and make a glamorous entrance.

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The Future is Here: Human and AI Collaborate to Create Music Album

Like it or not, AI is becoming slowly but surely a great part of our lives, changing tremendously the way humans live, work, communicate, learn, commute and so on. While many people, including Elon Musk, are skeptical about the good outcomes of this galloping growth, many people, including Mark Zuckerberg, believe that AI possesses no…

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Space Update: Elon Musk Reveals the Full-Body Photo of SpaceX’s Spacesuit

In late August, Elon Musk posted on Instagram a sneak peek of the stylish SpaceX suit that will be worn by the company’s astronauts on the board of the Crew Dragon cargo capsule and it tackled everyone’s curiosity about the finished look.

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Elon Musk Reveals the First Official SpaceX Spacesuit Photo

Elon Musk posted on Instargam a photo of the SpaceX suit that will be worn by the company’s astronauts on the board of the Crew Dragon cargo capsule, the spacecraft designed to carry humans to the International Space Station and other destinations. And, boy, it is a stylish one!

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Recruiting Level Apple: A Hidden Ad to Attract Top Talent

Companies are getting creative when it comes to finding the best talent. The traditional HR tactics are out-fashioned when it comes to hiring high-skilled talented tech experts. Even though most HR departments try to stay on track with trends, the best fits for certain position wouldn’t make it past the first CV scanning.

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NASA Looks for Planetary Protection Officer to Protect Earth

Do you remember what career you dreamed of having when you were a kid? Did you want to be a firefighter, a ballet dancer, a surgeon, a teacher or an astronaut maybe? Or maybe you wanted to be a space police officer who protects our planet against aliens?

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