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How to Gain the Respect of Investors During a Pitch

There are many challenges that the entrepreneurs face when it comes to investor pitching. Getting the attention of the investors is difficult yet achievable, but gaining their respect during the pitch is something that not many entrepreneurs can easily accomplish. Young entrepreneurs, who are just starting their ventures and have no experience, are often underestimated…

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Amy Tez: Pitching with Passion and Grit – How to Fall in Love with Public Speaking

This blog post is written by Amy Tez and was originally published on her blog. Amy is a highly-trained London-based actress with 20 years of professional theater experience. She is also an entrepreneur, business strategist, and performance coach. Her mission is to get the entrepreneurial world speaking with the same brilliance as world-class actors and…

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The 7 Secrets of the Greatest Speakers in History

Mastering the art of public speaking has many benefits – it is a great way to share your mission and business vision with others, to gain publicity for your business, to expand your network and to impress potential investors, partners, clients and even future employees. For entrepreneurs, who are to pitch their businesses in various…

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Problem vs. Solution Focused Investor Pitch Presentation

We are in constant need of products and services that solve important problems through innovation and technology, which is why most entrepreneurs lead their startup teams to work on finding solutions. Startups are built around an opportunity spotted by the founders and the most innovative ideas and projects are inspired by identification of a need…

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You Want to be the Star of Investor Pitching? Dress The Part!

Dressing for success leads to success. To be the aspiring entrepreneur that you want to be you need to dress the part as well. You are the face of your company and your personal brand is as important as your business brand.

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How to Pitch the Press and Get Coverage for Your Startup

To increase their chances of success, starting companies need much more than innovative ideas, amazing team, and the favor of angel investors and VCs. Startups need to establish strong relationships with their clients and to build a network of loyal customers and brand influencers. For that reason, understandably, startups need publicity.

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Special Interview with the Premier London Performance Coach Amy Tez

We, The Pitcher team, are very happy and excited to share with you one very special interview with the charming and extremely talented Amy Tez! Amy Tez is a highly-trained London-based actress with 20 years of professional theater experience. She has worked with Kenneth Branagh on the film Love’s Labour’s Lost and set up two…

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3 Things Comedians Can Teach Us about Public Speaking

Comedy is a serious business. It has the purpose to entertain and make people laugh. And it isn’t as easy as it sounds. The comedians work hard to prepare for a gig. They put countless hours crafting their scripts and practicing them. In the end, it all comes to the moment on the stage. The…

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Behind The Mindset of the Persuasive Investor Pitcher

Success comes to people, who have the right mindset. The things that hold many entrepreneurs back from delivering the perfect investor pitch and becoming the most persuasive pitcher at every event might not be on their slides but in their heads.

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7 Phrases (+ one extra tip) That Investors Really Want to Hear in Your Pitch

The process of crafting the perfect pitch is long and passes different stages. From collecting all needed data and arranging it in presentation slides through practicing the whole pitch and polishing the last details before the big day – it is all a truly exciting journey. During the process of development, many entrepreneurs make significant…

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