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Pitching Hack for Success: Sending the right message

Many skilled and talented entrepreneurs face regular rejections from investors and the reasons for these rejections often look unexplainable. Everything in the startup is great – you have an awesome team of experienced people, who work perfectly together, you have sufficient market share and awesome product, significant customer network and the support of good mentors…

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Sales skills
5 Essential Sales Skills that Guarantee Your Startup Success

Cutting-edge sales skills are extremely valuable for every entrepreneur. The ability to sell your ideas, innovative product, and yourself as an entrepreneur is what will make you and your business successful. If you are serious about your startup venture and you are entering the business world to stay, you should be ready to hustle and…

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The Key to Flawless Startup Pitch: Practice 25 Times

The article is written by Matt Krause, Istanbul-based communications coach and founder and past President of Istanbul Toastmasters. The post was originally published on Doppler Communications website. Check it out here.   When professional actors prepare for a role, they usually rehearse for hours, or days or weeks, learning how to make a particular facial tick…

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investor pitch
Five Phrases That Will Doom Your Investor Pitch

Well-crafted investor pitch can help you to sky-rocket your business. Entrepreneurs spend sufficient amount of their time preparing for the five minutes of spotlight, driven by the ambition to take the chance and to win the attention of the investors. It is important to remember that investors hear dozens of pitches on daily basis and…

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ThePitcher 2016: Special Interview with Christina Matiaki from Liked.gr

As the winners of the contest organized by the Greek accelerator Metavallon, exclusive partner of ThePitcher event, the team of Liked.gr flew to Istanbul and on April 16th took ThePitcher stage by storm. They had the opportunity to pitch some of the most prominent investors in the region, to meet with fellow entrepreneurs and enjoy…

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emotional intelligence
The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Your Investor Pitch

There are many things that investors look for in an entrepreneur – passion, ambition, skills, knowledge, experience, and so on. Leadership skills, backed by strong confidence and high emotional intelligence, often stand at the top 10 of the list. It is important to emphasize on these essential personal qualities when you prepare your next investor…

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Investor Pitch
7 Udemy Courses to Help You Nail Your Next Investor Pitch

There are many things that successful entrepreneurs have in common and the long-life passion for learning is one of these important aspects of becoming really good at what they do. Entrepreneurs should never overlook the importance of improving their pitching skills, which is why here we’ve collected for you seven Udemy courses that will help…

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Pitching competitions
5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Attending Pitching Competitions

ThePitcher 2016 brought together 30 disparate companies to compete for winning not only the special prizes and the attention of the investors, but also the opportunity to be named the winner of the first edition of the most up-and-coming pitching competition in the region. All of the participating startups successfully embraced the chance to present…

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5 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Funding for Your Startup

Even though there seems to be a pattern when it comes to defining the qualities and traits that investors look for in entrepreneurs, it is important to note that all of the investors have unique approach, which they have built through the years of experience. Investors often point out the essential elements that they look…

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Public speaking
How to Master Public Speaking – Infographic

The fear of public speaking is very common and for many people it has become a byword for something extremely unpleasant and even scary. If you are having troubles with speaking in front of an audience, as an entrepreneur, you should be determined to overcome this problem. Public speaking plays an important role in the…

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