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12 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Attend Pitching and Networking Events

Attending networking and pitching events plays a tremendous part in the lives of almost all entrepreneurs. Here we will leave aside the main and most obvious reasons why entrepreneurs should attend networking events and pitching events, such as: Meeting with investors and having the enormous opportunity to present your startup in front of them and…

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10 Do’s and Don’ts When Pitching Investors

Pitching investors is important part of the lives of all entrepreneurs. It is essential part of having a successful and productive connection with VCs and angel investors. The ultimate goal for all entrepreneurs, who want to establish good relationships with potential investors, is to manage to get their attention. To be memorable is the key…

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7 Books to Read before Pitching Investors

There are many things that the entrepreneurs should take under consideration when they prepare their pitch – the time frame, the audience, their goals, and especially they should be thinking about to whom they are pitching. Through practice and right preparation, perfection can be achieved. To help you get ready for your next pitching event,…

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10 Quotes on the Importance of Mastering Public Speaking

Undoubtedly, networking is one of the most important factors for startup success, which many entrepreneurs tend to underestimate. Attending pitching and networking events and conferences is a stepping stone to expanding your network, to establishing important business relationships and pitching your business to the right people.

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David S. Rose
David S. Rose on How to Pitch to a VC

Creating the perfect pitch is not as simple as many entrepreneurs think. It requires much more effort than putting some PowerPoint slides together. There are many things that you should know when preparing your pitch and the best place to learn how to do it right is to look how the pros are doing it….

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4 Awesome Tools That Will Help You Create Perfect Pitch

Pitching investors is important part of every entrepreneur’s startup journey. Your pitch deck is your main tool to help you showcase perfectly your business, which is why it is important that you get ready and prepare yourself well. Creating the perfect pitch requires special attention. It needs to be well-prepared, right on point, interesting, catchy…

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Perfect pitch
5 Tips on How to Prepare the Perfect Pitch

You have probably heard many great stories of fellow entrepreneurs, who had managed to secure funding for their companies after pitching to investors. It is true! A great pitch to the right investor can give you many opportunities and can help you sky rocket your business. But preparing the perfect pitch is not easy –…

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Five Questions You Should Answer before Pitching Investors

As an entrepreneur, who wants to present their startup in the most impressive and adequate way, it is essential to prepare your pitch very carefully. Before you meet with the potential investors, you should be ready to answer many important questions about your startup. Most of the time, the entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of pitching…

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