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12 Quotes To Help You Bounce Back From Failure

Even though failure is an inevitable part of success, dealing with the devastating effects of it isn’t very easy. Bouncing back from failure doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a lot of effort to be made in the direction of getting back on your feet and moving forward with your entrepreneurial journey.

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15 Quotes On Winning That Will Empower Your Success

Whether you like it or not, you as an entrepreneur, are fully responsible for the success of your startup. Entrepreneurs, who are fully accountable, are more successful. They don’t believe in pure luck or coincidence – they bet on hard work, persistence, awareness, and devotion.

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10 Calming Quotes To Help You Take The First Steps to Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety comes in many forms and causes a lot of distress in the lives of those, who experience this unpleasant inner turmoil. Being anxious from time to time is inevitable, but when the feeling starts to overcome you, it is a sign that you need to slow down and deal with it before it takes…

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Twelve Insights on Keeping Your Entrepreneurial Dream Alive

When you started your startup journey, you probably were driven by dreams, powered by your passion, and full ambition for success. The excitement of starting a business, however, easily gets pushed out of the way by overwhelming feelings like fear, doubt, and frustration.

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Never Eat Alone: 10 Quotes From The Most Celebrated Book On Networking

Connecting with others and building solid long-lasting relationships is one of the most important business skills entrepreneurs should master. Embracing the mindset of a great networker and connector takes every entrepreneur one step closer to building a well-recognized brand and successful business.

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10 Sophia Amoruso Quotes Every #GIRLBOSS Should Live By

Sophia Amoruso, the famous founder of Nasty Gal and author of #GIRLBOSS, has become an inspiration for many female startup founders and entrepreneurs-to-be around the world. In her book #GIRLBOSS, Amoruso shares her entrepreneurial journey and reveals the secrets behind her success.

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Twelve Times Tony Robbins Inspired Us To “Awaken the Giant Within”

If you are feeling like you are losing control over your life or business, this post is for you! Tony Robbins is one of these people, who do not need an introduction – the famous entrepreneur, successful author, and inspiring life coach is one of the most charismatic people in the world.

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10 Quotes That Will Make You Look Differently at Perfectionism

Many entrepreneurs obsess over doing everything perfectly that lose their sight on the big picture. Striving to make every little detail perfect is not just frustrating and overwhelming but also one of the worst things you can do. Perfectionism can be a roadblock to progress that slows down your business growth.

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Leadership Insights From Seven Superstar Entrepreneurs

The world needs more leaders, more people, who inspire, motivate and bring the best in others. The business needs people with vision and desire for growth, improvement and positive impact.

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12 Albert Einstein Quotes to Inspire The Genius Within You

Albert Einstein’s genius has been recognized around the world, making him one of the most famous and inspiring scientists of all times.  He is known not only as the developer of the theory of relativity but also for his insightful thinking about different aspects of life.

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