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3 Myths about the Future of Work Debunked

The automation anxiety that comes from the growing impact machines and AI have on the job market has become a very interesting topic of discussion. The tremendous advances in technology, robotics, and AI, increase the justified fear that many people will lose their jobs to machines.

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Garr Reynolds’ 11 Ways to Make Better Presentations

In the full of distractions world that we live in, the ability to get and keep the attention of a broader audience is miraculous. And the key to this miracle is storytelling. Storytelling is so powerful. Storytelling matters. Storytelling helps us give better presentations and communicate better our message.

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6 Signs Your Start-up Needs Storage

Your start-up is a growing business. That means you need to treat it like one. Storage, clutter, cleanliness and the overall atmosphere of your office can play a significant role in the culture and morale of staff. Furthermore, it can hinder employee productivity and efficiency. If your business needs storage and more space, that’s a…

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