Confidence Will Make All the Difference to Your Investor Pitch

Being an entrepreneur is very challenging – the competition is tough, the lack of money is limiting, and the stress is unbearable in times. On top of having talent, knowledge, a great idea and vision, it takes courage, ambition, inspiration, passion and love for the business to overcome the obstacles and succeed in the entrepreneurial world.

Successful entrepreneurs, who manage to overcome the obstacles that come on their way, share many common personality traits. Here we will focus on one of these traits in particular – confidence. Confidence is what makes many entrepreneurs thick. Confident entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd, which makes them more successful at pitching and networking events.

Exuding confidence will help you win the attention of investors. Being the star at every networking and pitching event will increase your chances of securing funding for your business, building meaningful, strong relationships, winning the trust of the clients and customers, and so on.

Confidence will make also a tremendous positive difference in your investor pitch. So, what can you do to feel more confident on the stage? Here are six ways that will help exude confidence and present your business the way it needs to be presented – successfully!

Believe you can do it!

Every positive step towards achieving more starts with believing that you can do it, believing that you deserve to achieve it and that you have what it takes to succeed in it. Build your confidence from within – repeat to yourself “I can do it!”. Be willing to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Our thoughts create our reality. If you believe that you can do it, you will do it!

Know your weaknesses and your strengths!

The line between being confident and being arrogant is very thin. Don’t let your ego drive you. Your business doesn’t have to be perfect to be impactful. Investors can see the potential even if you aren’t in the best place at the time of your pitch. Know your weaknesses and your strengths and be honest about it in your pitch. Being confident in pointing out the things you need help with is a great way to show that you have a realistic vision of the business and the motivation and ambition to work on overcoming the weaknesses.


To be more confident with your presentation, you should practice it. Practice your body language, your posture, your tone of voice. Practice in front of the mirror or record yourself. Practice in front of your team members and ask for feedback.

Our brains are comfortable with the things that are familiar to us – make your pitch very familiar to your brain and you will be able to deliver it effortlessly, to focus on the details as you are already very comfortable with the basics.

Expect the unexpected!

Investors like to ask questions, especially when they are interested in the business. To be able to answer their questions, you need to know your business inside out; most importantly – know your numbers. The investors may be interested in your company because they like the idea, they like you and your team, but they most definitely need to know how they will make money. If you want to be more prepared, here are 20 questions that investors often ask the entrepreneurs.

Don’t over-think it!

Obsessing over the little details won’t do you much good. It may drive you crazy and will definitely distract you. Minutes before you get on the stage, ignore all doubtful thoughts that come into your head. Keep your focus on the presentation. You’ve practiced it! You’ve got it! To boost your stage confidence, don’t get worked up over the little things and focus on the bigger picture.

Filter all received information!

Feedback is something you should ask for. Receiving constructive feedback will help you improve and get better. But don’t take every word you hear to your heart. People have a different opinion and the freedom to share it, but this doesn’t mean that their point of view is important for your business.

Filter the received information – learn to embrace the constructive criticism and to ignore the negative comments that only serve the purpose of making you feel bad. Confident people understand that in order to grow they must focus on what lifts them up now what pushes them down.

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