Effective Leadership: The Importance of Learning How to Delegate


Entrepreneurs with poor leadership skills often take inadequate decisions, which disrupt the work of the team and, if consistent, can generally drag down the startup. There are many traits of empowering leaders such as compassion, good communication skills, empathy, creativity, but the one ability that stands out from the rest is the ability to effectively delegate and to eliminate the negative effect of micromanagement.

Many entrepreneurs spend countless hours dealing with not so important task and by the time they have to concentrate on what really matters and what truly is critical for the business at this very moment, they are already tired and unfocused. Even the entrepreneurs who are great at prioritizing find it challenging to complete all of the tasks on their schedules and to-do lists by the end of the day. The work overload is not something that small business owners have to be proud of – it does not necessarily prove that they are working effectively.

At the beginning of every venture it is understandable all entrepreneurs to do most of the work themselves and to play all the key roles in the company. But when a business starts to grow, the responsibilities grow as well. Starting to delegate more to your team members and hiring more people to be responsible for special aspects of the business does not mean that you are losing control. It actually may help you feel much more in control than before. Delegating is essential trait for every entrepreneur and here you are able to find three tips on how to avoid micromanagement and learn to feel comfortable with entrusting important tasks to others.

Understand the need of delegating

Many entrepreneurs don’t feel comfortable enough to start delegating important tasks to others. This is the reason why they avoid doing it and end up overwhelmed, exhausted and swamped with work. Every startup aims to grow and the leaders must concentrate on the development of the business once the company is ready to expand. By believing in the power of delegating, you are more likely to start effectively practice it. Stop being hesitant to delegate and make the leap!

What to whom?

If you want to effectively delegate, you should know what tasks you are going to depute and who will be the right person to assign these task to. Know the strengths and weaknesses of every person on your team – their expertise, interests and skill set, – so you can make the most of the whole process, achieve better results and save everyone’s time. Be clear in your instructions to your team members and soon the whole process will prove to be fruitful.


It is important that you trust the people you are delegating important tasks to in order for you to feel more comfortable with it, to avoid constantly checking with them and wasting time evaluating every small thing that they do. Trust their ability to complete the task successfully and in the end be ready to assess and give feedback.

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