Effective Tips on How to Present Complex Scientific Ideas

All successful businesses that have given to the world amazing products and are worth now millions or even billions of dollars were once just ideas. One of the keys to their success is the fact that the founders of these companies managed to articulate successfully their initial ideas and why these ideas have the potential to make the world a better place.

Innovative and groundbreaking projects, products, and services often seem too complex to be easily comprehended by others, but these are the ideas that are worth pursuing, the ideas that are worth devoting your time and effort on. This is why, the founders need to work on finding the best way to present their ideas to others – to the clients, to the potential partners, and to the investors, – in an understandable way.

Many entrepreneurs come from a tech background or are well-educated scientists. Scientists and engineers come up with these amazing innovative discoveries and technologies that have the potential to change the world. But do we always understand their ideas and the impact they can have?

Melissa Marshall teaches communication skills to scientists and engineers and helps them become better at presenting in front of non-scientists. In 4 minute long TED Talk “Talk Nerdy to Me”, she gives very useful tips that can help scientists present their complex scientific ideas in front of an audience and be understood. In the end, you will learn the equation that shows the perfect way to present and be understood.

“Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Albert Einstein

Don’t let the inability to present and communicate well your ideas in front of an audience to ruin your chances of success. Take the matter into your own hands and put these useful tips in practice.


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