Elon Musk Reveals the First Official SpaceX Spacesuit Photo

Elon Musk posted on Instargam a photo of the SpaceX suit that will be worn by the company’s astronauts on the board of the Crew Dragon cargo capsule, the spacecraft designed to carry humans to the International Space Station and other destinations. And, boy, it is a stylish one!

The photo pictures a white suit with black piping and a dark-tinted visor worn by one of the SpaceX engineers. In the caption of the photo, Musk says that it is not a mockup, but the suit has been tested on earth and actually works.

Along with the photo, Musk also wrote: “Already tested to double vacuum pressure. Was incredibly hard to balance aesthetics and function. Easy to do either separately.”

Musk did not specify if the suit is designed to be worn inside the capsule, but the fact that they are pressure suits makes us believe that they are not meant to be used for space walks. From the photo we can tell that the design is very elegant, minimalistic and futuristic, leaving the impression that is comfortable to wear.

The designers have successfully taken the classic look of space suits to a whole new level, combining style and functionality with a futuristic look.

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