Entrepreneurship: The Mystery of Making Something Significant Out of Nothing

Fostering entrepreneurship has become the main mission for many governments, universities, well-established corporations, even kindergartens. The power that entrepreneurship has is unique: it allows the people to think out of the box, to take bolder decisions and to envision and create a better future.

The significance of entrepreneurship is obvious: making something that brings value, solves problems and changes the lives of many out of nothing besides hard work and consistency. The path, of course, is rocky, but it is worth the challenge, especially if you have the right mindset for it.

The mystery of making something of a great significance despite the odds of failure and exhaustion is being unveiled in a series of TED Talks. Here are our favorite talks on creating a business out of nothing that you can enjoy, learn from and get inspired from. A perfect list for a quick weekend YouTube spin!

During his TEDxUGATalks, Marc Gorlin demystifies entrepreneurship as he talks about the secret sauce that allows entrepreneurs to build businesses out of nothing, to create companies and bring value to the world from a spark of an idea.

Another TED talk this time delivered by biomedical engineer Riley Csernica reveals another entrepreneurial journey. Csernica talks about her own journey to entrepreneurship through earning an MBA, two degrees in biomedical engineering, and starting a business with her classmate. This talk demonstrates the fulfillment that entrepreneurship brings in the life of startup enthusiasts, making the possibility of taking an entry-level job straight out of college seem as the less attractive option.

The third talk of that list is one of the exciting ones. It is delivered with a sense of humor by Mark Leruste on the stage of TEDxCardiff. He talks about the challenges of entrepreneurship and tackles the problem of idealizing the startup life and ignoring the downfalls that come with it. Each coin has two faces and Leruste reminds us of that in that interesting and engaging talk.

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