In The Fast-Paced Entrepreneurial World, Can We Actually Praise Slowness?

As an entrepreneur, you probably feel a lot of pressure. Along with the pressure that comes from uncertainty, tremendous responsibility, financial worries and the growing competition, there is one source of pressure that makes the majority of people the most uncomfortable – the race against the clock.

Technology and innovation have turned the business world into a rollercoaster that changes direction faster than ever. Changes that can shift the economy in a different direction that needed years to happen now can appear in just a couple of days. This means that entrepreneurs, who are unable to keep up with the pace, will eventually be left out from the competition.

We live in a world where we adore speed – speed networking, speed yoga, speed dating, fast food. We tend to focus on speeding up everything, but there is a price to pay. And often this price is a way too high – from burnout through depression to losing a focus, the consequences of trying to beat time can be devastating not just for the business, but for you personally. The fast-paced marathon of entrepreneurship can be exhausting. So, it might not be a bad idea to slow down for a while.

The sighs that you need to slow down can be quite obvious – you are always tired, you lack sleep, you can’t focus and feel like you are losing control of your business are just some examples.  In a previous blog post, we have also discussed three not too obvious signs that show you that it is time to slow down, including a lack of self-esteem and being too negative.

These signs should not be ignored. Take a few minutes to think about your daily routine – how fast are you going through life? Does this speed give you more than it takes from you? Unfortunately, many people get the wakeup call in a devastating way. The stress of living faster than you need may result in a sickness or can show itself in the form of a panic attack.

Rushing from one place to the next without celebrating the small success, working 100-hours a week without setting time to re-charge, sacrificing the time with family and friends to get to the next meeting are decisions that many entrepreneurs, who have been sucked into the whirlpool of the fast-living modern culture, take without to think of the consequences.

As entrepreneurs, you can’t ignore the fact that business changes now faster than ever, but you can take the time to slow down whenever you have a chance to. Journalist Carl Honore believes that it is time to slow down and embrace the praise to slowness, an approach that can change the way we experience modern life.

If you are tired of running your business and living your life on a stop-watch, take the time to listen to Honore’s TED Talk on slowness. It will give you a great insight on how important it actually is to slow down and take the time to think in stillness.


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