Feeling Stuck? Here are 15 Ways to Unleash Your Creative Genius!


Creative blocks aren’t problems just for artists, writers, and photographers; they are something very common among entrepreneurs as well. Everybody, who is active in the entrepreneurial world where the competition is out of hand, needs to have fresh ideas and inspiration to pursue them. So, what can you do to unleash your creative genius if you are feeling stuck and out of ideas? These 15 approaches may help you get back on your feet in no time:

Pick up a book – Fiction or non-fiction – it is all up to you.

Read your journal – If you don’t have a journal, you probably at least have someplace where you write down your ideas. Take a look at your old notes – you may find very interesting things that you’ve written down before, but have completely forgotten about.

Write in your journal – Put your thoughts on paper – you might be surprised by the direction your thoughts lead you to.

Take an online course – There are so many interesting e-classes out there, some of them that actually you can finish in a couple of days. It doesn’t have to be even related to your field – learning something new is always truly inspirational.

Explore art – Visit a gallery, a museum, see a play or go to the cinema – these are all places where you can find an inspiration.

Get organized – Messy working or living environment can be very distracting. Organize your things and get rid of all unnecessary stuff that you have. This will give you the feeling of a new beginning, which can be truly inspiring.

Connect with yourself – Take the time to really get in touch with your inner self, meditation is the great way to do so. Find a quiet place and meditate for a while.

Get bored – Yes, this is a great way to come up with fresh ideas. This TED Talk explains How boredom can lead you to the most brilliant ideas.

Listen to TED Talks – TED is an unlimited source of inspiration. Allow yourselves to get lost on ted.com for an afternoon. It is worth it!

Get active – Go for a run, play tennis or go swimming – get active with something that makes you feel good. If you hate doing yoga, don’t do yoga. You should enjoy the sport you practice.

Network – Check what events are happening near you today and go. Connecting with people is a great way to get inspired.

Do a random act of kindness – We know that you are a good person, who does now and then something good and supports different social causes. You are, right? Well, on top of that, try to do some random act of kindness. It is truly inspirational to help others.

Catch up with a friend – Entrepreneurs don’t have much time for your friends which can make entrepreneurship very lonely business. If you feel stuck, take the time to catch up with a friend. Go out for a walk or have a cup of coffee together. It is really re-charging.

Enjoy a delicious meal – Are you tired of having your lunch on your desk every single day? Well, maybe what you really need is to have a lovely meal at your favorite place. Enjoy your food and maybe some quality wine – you deserve it!

Take a trip – Go somewhere for a day or two. Take a short trip to the desired destination or to a place that you’ve always wanted to visit. Sometimes you just need to get away for a while, in order to clear your head. Give yourself this opportunity.

How do you usually deal with creative block?

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