Five Apps to Start Running Your Startup More Effectively

Summer is approaching and it starts to be more difficult than ever to keep the productivity level up while everyone else is already planning their vacations.

But the competition never sleeps and so shouldn’t you. It may seem impossible to stay productive 365 days a year, but you should at least try. The majority of mobile apps and online tools available make it one idea easier.

Here are five of these apps that will help you stay on the top of your game one screen tap at a time:


Accompany is a very powerful data platform that takes networking with other professionals to a whole new level. The web and mobile app uses AI-driven algorithm to compile for the users relevant information about the most important people in their network.

Standing out with its simple and clean design, the app actually does a great job in aggregating interesting and timely information about your network, arranged in a real-time News Feed. If you want to always be informed about what the people in your network are up to and use that information to prep for the next meeting, this is the app for you.


Transferwise is international money transferring online service and one of the best tools for everyone, who wants to save their hard-earned cash on bank fees when it comes to transferring money. By cutting “the middle man”, Transferwise makes international money transfers, well, much wiser. It is a great alternative for the entrepreneur-on-the-go, who travels a lot, and for business owners, who pay freelancers, based in different countries.


In order to develop a profitable business, the entrepreneurs must focus their efforts on building strong sales pipeline and generating new leads is very important part of the process. Salesforce is an easy-to-use, cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) solution used by businesses to increase sales, generate more leads, improve customer service, and ultimately grow.


Workflow is an automation app that connects the best features of your apps together, saving you a lot of time and effort. The main idea behind the app is to make the user more productive and to allow them to come in control of their time.

The app allows you to automate any activity on your phone and arrange it in a specific workflow – from playing playlists and speed dialing through downloading files and opening URLs to getting directions to the venue of the next event logged in your calendar and even extracting information from your calendar to see when you are free and sending this information to your contacts and so on.

Starting with iOS automation can be confusing at the beginning but once you get used to it only the sky is the limit for your productivity.


Wunderlist is the ultimate app to use when you simply want to get stuff done! The online app takes traditional to-do lists to a whole new level. The app doesn’t only allow you to create your personal to-do list and navigate it easily through its simple design, but also makes it possible to get notifications and reminders about certain tasks.

For entrepreneurs, collaboration with their teams is really important. Wunderlist makes it possible to share your lists and collaborate via the app with your team.

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