Five Online Tools to Help You Stick to Your Goals


Setting goals is easy. Sticking to them… well, not so much. Whatever you want to achieve – to stay on top of your schedule, to learn a new skill or to take up a hobby or sports routine, it is not enough to just set the goal. It is essential to get to action and actually to monitor your progress if you want to successfully achieve what you aimed for. Luckily, in the digitalized world that we live in, there are many online tools and apps that are created and designed to specifically help people achieve their goals.

To help you find the one that suits you the most, here we’ve collected five of the most popular and widely used tools that will help you not only to set your goals, but also to successfully stick to them.


StickK is an awesome tool that helps people really stick to their goals by binding them with a Commitment Contract with themselves to make sure that they will follow through their intentions. StickK also offers and Corporate and Institutional Solutions that help businesses and their team members to achieve wellness, environmental and productivity goals.


Habit List

Habit List is the tool that includes everything that you need to achieve your goals, form healthy habits and break the bad ones. It motivated you, helps you to stay focused and allows you to keep track on your progress. All of this is wrapped in a beautiful and easy to use intuitive interface, turning your whole goal-setting process into very positive experience.



Goal setting becomes easier when you pick the right tool for it. Lifetick is web based software that helps the users to set, track and achieve their goals. If you want to motivate your stuff, organize your family or empower your students – this is the tool that you need.



Goal setting is known to be the key to success. It is very important for entrepreneurs to keep their goals organized and to stay on track with their progress. GoalsOnTrack is action-oriented, self motivation success tool that allows even the busiest people to build great habits and achieve their biggest goals.



HassleMe is very useful tool that frequently reminds you that you have to stick to your goals. It is very simple to use – you set up your hassle and you will receive frequent reminders via emails that will make it impossible for you to forget your goals.


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