Five Personal Development Courses for Business Owners


Personal development is very important for startup founders, who are discovering themselves as entrepreneurs, leaders, negotiators, presenters, and decision-makers. E-learning gives the opportunity to receive quality training on important subjects even when you have busy schedules.

These five online courses are a great source of information on important for every entrepreneur topics like leadership, presentation, problem-solving, negotiation, and public speaking. Take a look:

Leadership in 21st Century Organizations

By Copenhagen Business School

About the course as on Coursera: “After taking the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Enact your own personal leadership approach, derived from your ongoing evaluation of how Jim Barton has handled his leadership situation, as well as from established leadership concepts and frameworks;
  • Avoid leadership actions that might have worked in the past, but are not suited to a newly challenging 21st-century world;
  • Navigate treacherous new 21st-century leadership challenges, such as greater reliance on specialized workers or the need to respond to external scrutiny in an increasingly transparent world (and many more);
  • Avoid “slippery slope” ethical failures, and think more clearly about the separation between public and private life for a 21st-century leader.”
Presentation Skills: Speechwriting, Slides and Delivery Specialization

By Tomsk State University

About the course as on Coursera: “Presentations are the most popular way of communication. This Specialization has 4 courses and covers fundamentals of three major presentation skills: 1) Storytelling— the art of crafting an interesting, convincing and evidence-based script of your presentation, 2) Slide design — a merge of graphical and information design to make clean and clear slides that help you deliver your ideas 3) Delivery — the art of interacting with the audience during presentation and a tough Q&A.”

Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization

By University of Washington

About the course as on Coursera: “The courses in this specializations should help speakers at all levels. If you are nervous about public speaking, this is for you! I have spent an entire career helping nervous novice speakers grow into confident communicators. We slowly work up specific skills that you can practice multiple times before putting together a longer speech.”

Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution Specialization

By ESSEC Business School

About the course as on Coursera: “This specialization is intended for managers – from business, public administration, international organizations or NGOs – who want to go beyond intuition and acquire proven tools to help them achieve greater success in negotiation.

You will learn the negotiation fundamental skills and tools thanks to the first Course.

With the second course you we will enable you to develop better cross-cultural anticipation and flexibility when you face a negotiation – both key skills in an international environment.

With the third course you will be able to choose and lead a mediation process. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of workplace and international conflict resolution.

At the end of this specialization a capstone project will be the opportunity to apply your new knowledge and skills with practical cases.”

Creative Problem Solving

By University of Minnesota

About the course as on Coursera: “This course deals directly with your ability for creativity which is a critical skill in any field. It focuses on divergent thinking, the ability to develop multiple ideas and concepts to solve problems. Through a series of creativity building exercises, short lectures, and readings, learners develop both an understanding of creativity and increase their own ability.”

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