Five Ways to Deal with Emotional Downfall on Your Way to Success


Being an entrepreneur is a very emotional journey. Startup founders often engage all of their emotional strength into the business and take it really hard when clouds appear on the otherwise shiny business horizon.

Entrepreneurs need to learn how to deal with failure not only on professional but also on an emotional level. Practicing emotional first aid is essential. If you don’t know where to start from, embrace these following approaches on dealing with emotional downfalls:


When you are vulnerable, don’t close yourself to others. It is important to communicate your problem. Once you hear it out loud you may even get surprised how silly the situation may sound. When you feel emotionally drained talk to somebody – a close friend, a family member, your life partner, or a therapist, – it is important that you open up and share.

Focus on the positive

Try to find the positive in every given situation. Once you find it, focus on it. Use it as a stepping stone to getting your emotions back on track.

Focus on the journey

Embrace entrepreneurship as a wonderful journey with many ups and downs. Try to focus on the whole experience without keeping your sight only on the destination. Building a business is an adventure – the journey is bigger and more important than the destination.


Take the time to disconnect from your daily activities. Plan some “Me” time – take a day off, visit a SPA, get a massage, catch up on sleep, go for a walk in nature. Do anything that recharges you. Give yourself the freedom to spoil yourself and enjoy every single moment of it!

Move on

Learn to let go and move on. Many entrepreneurs keep fighting the fight even though they know they have lost the war. When you face a dead end situation, don’t try to dig deeper. When you have done everything possible to solve a problem or to improve a situation but the results were still negative, it is time to move on and turn a new page.

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