Four Hard Truths about Being a Leader Nobody Tells You

Whether you are an entrepreneur, who has just made their first hire, or you are a seasoned manager with years of experience, you probably have many worries about the way you are and will be perceived as a leader. It is understandable – being a leader is tough. It is demanding, challenging, stressful, yet by the end of the day one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences.

If you are being fortunate enough to have the opportunity of becoming a leader, you know that leadership is an on-going journey that should be embraced with optimism and firm belief in success. There are many things that you will learn along the way – some of them good like the fact that being a leader will make you more empathetic, more open to receiving feedback, more inspired to look for the best in others; and some bad like the following four hard truths:

You won’t know all the answers – You may feel vulnerable or like a failure when you make a mistake or when you feel confused and overwhelmed. But you need to embrace it – you won’t know it all even if you want it so bad.

The good news is that you don’t have to know it all. This is why you have your team. Don’t hesitate to ask for their help when you need it. This doesn’t make you a weak leader, it makes you a trusting leader, who respects the employees and values the team effort put into completing a task or taking a decision.

You need to grow professionally and personally – And you need to do it constantly. While professionals in different roles should focus on growing their professional skills, leaders need to focus on developing their personal skills more than others. If you want to become the great leader you deserve to be, you should never compromise on personal and professional growth.

Along with growing their personal skills, leaders should actively practice self-care. As a leader, you need to learn how to stay calm in stressful situation. You need to find balance, to be able to control your emotions and to avoid burnout with all of your strength. Being a good leader requires great self-control, which is impossible to achieve without self-care.

Change is inevitable – Which can be both good and bad. Whether you like it or not, constant change is an inevitable part of the business world. It is an inevitable part of life, actually. Dealing with constant change can be tough for leaders. You may need to let go an employee or to deal with losing a major client – it is never easy, but it is necessary. Remember, when one door closes, another one opens. We grow through change, so learn to embrace it.

You should be your best all the time – Leaders should perform their best constantly. As a leader, you are the pillar of the team, which means that you need to stay strong when everybody else is losing control.

You need to lead by example: if you want your employees to respect you and look up to you, you need to keep the standards high. Great leaders bring their best all the time in any given situation and never let the guard down when it comes to doing their best.

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