Four Reasons Why Sales People Make Great Entrepreneurs

Sales skills

Successful entrepreneurs come from different backgrounds but founders, who come from one particular field – sales, have a significant advantage. Salespeople are great at running their own businesses and here are four reasons why they exceed in entrepreneurship:

Well, they can sell – having a great product isn’t enough, the entrepreneurs also need to have paying customers. Experienced salespeople know inside out the sales techniques and how to effectively use them. If you can sell, you are one step closer to building a growing business.

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They have the network – and this is a huge advantage. Throughout the years of sales experience, the seasoned salespeople have managed to build a strong network and many valuable connections. Having a vast network of potential clients, partners, and even investors undoubtedly is a huge asset for a starting entrepreneur.

Used to hearing NO – salespeople have grown a thick skin during the years. They have heard no for an answer so many times but have found the strength to keep moving forward. Entrepreneurs face rejection on daily basis, which can be extremely discouraging and overwhelming. Sales experts know how to cope with rejection, how to ask for feedback and use it constructively. A skill that takes an entrepreneur a long way!

They are self-driven – which is extremely important for entrepreneurs. The ability to stay motivated and to find this motivation from within is essential for business owners. As they are the boss, they have to be able to motivate not only themselves but also to inspire and encourage their teams. Self-driven salespeople turn to be very capable leaders when it comes to fostering a company culture based on passion and motivation.

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