How to Gain the Respect of Investors During a Pitch

There are many challenges that the entrepreneurs face when it comes to investor pitching. Getting the attention of the investors is difficult yet achievable, but gaining their respect during the pitch is something that not many entrepreneurs can easily accomplish. Young entrepreneurs, who are just starting their ventures and have no experience, are often underestimated and not taken seriously by the investors.

Millennials and very young entrepreneurs are entering the world of entrepreneurship with big hopes and expectations. Investors may admire their ideas, skills, and passion, but do they respect them enough when it comes to running a company?

There is no need to get discouraged. When you believe in yourself and have the confidence in your idea, product, and team, you will be unstoppable. There is a way to gain the respect of the investors during your pitch, but you must prepare for it.

Stay true to who you are

To craft a compelling pitch that is straight to the point you need to know your audience well. Research the investors and learn about what companies they have invested in before, what are their interests and what they look for in an entrepreneur. This information will help you only if you use it wisely. But don’t make the pitch just about them. Never take away completely your personality out of the pitch. In the end, the investors invest in you as well, not just in your business. Be genuine. If they like you, they will like you for who you are.

Be prepared

Know your business inside out before you get in front of the investors. This will prove that you take your business seriously. Know your numbers and be ready to answer the questions honestly. The investors will respect you for knowing your business well, which is a big deal. If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t lie or make up something just to respond. Then at least they will respect you for your honesty.

Show character

The investors invest not just in your business, but in you and your whole team as well. They may like your idea, but if they don’t see you as a partner, the deal may fall. The pitch is the moment to show strength, character, and confidence. If you fall apart on the stage and barely can go through your slides, are you capable of handling the pressure of running a company?

Don’t allow yourself to be reactive under pressure. If you get a rejection, don’t storm out from the venue angrily. This shows poor character. Instead, take the time to network, to ask for feedback and to analyze what went wrong and how you can fix it next time. This is how you earn the respect of the investors – by showing that rejection can’t bring you down, that you are willing to learn and improve and you are eager to succeed.

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