How Attending Pitching Events Improve the Chances of Investment

Pitching events

Investors don’t only look for the business aspects when they choose a startup to invest in, but also are very interested in the entrepreneur’s personality and abilities when they make their investment decisions. They are able to effectively observe and efficiently estimate the potential of a startup, especially when their judgment is backed by solid facts. The chances of securing funding through the many positive aspects, which attending pitching events bring to the table, increase significantly when this attendance is actively and effectively done.

Attending pitching events undoubtedly increases the chances of securing funding and the reasons for this are many. Along with the opportunity to build relationships with attending investors and to showcase your startup in front of a large audience of fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and experts, there are many other positive outcomes from being present at local and global entrepreneurial ecosystem events. Here we will emphasize on five of these positive aspects, which can help you get the investment you are looking for. These aspects affect positively the investment decision making process of the investors, are of great significance and shouldn’t have to be overlooked.

By attending pitching and networking events the entrepreneurs have the chance to observe the networking process between entrepreneurs and investors, which gives them the ability to learn what works and what doesn’t, what is appreciated by the investors and what is not. Attending events increases your chances of securing funding because it helps you to:

Get Exposure – If you want to make the most of every pitching event that you attend, try to get the maximum exposure that you can. The best way is to present in front of everyone, to participate in the pitching process. Try to be on stage and present your startup and you will reach an impressive amount of people in one shot.

Strengthening the network – do your research and check who will be present in the event. Then make a list of people, who you would like to meet and create a plan to follow. Time is limited and during dynamic events it is difficult to connect with everyone that you want to, but you are still able to make the most of it.

Find opportunities – At pitching and networking events there is tremendous amount of opportunities that just wait to be discovered. The important part is not to underestimate anyone. Don’t think small, think big and make the most of every connection that you establish. You never know who can one day be a great person to know in business.

Get feedback – By attending networking events the entrepreneurs are able to receive valuable feedback that can show them some mistakes that they are making without even realizing it. Be open to receiving feedback, actually – demand it from other entrepreneurs and the investors that you meet. Through feedback you can grow, you can expand your business horizon and gain new knowledge.

Keeping up with what’s new – Pitching and networking events give great opportunity to explore the local and global ecosystems. It is a great way to keep an eye on the performance of the competition, to get inspired and motivated by the success of other entrepreneurs and to learn by observing their mistakes. Pitching and networking events are awesome, because they are exciting experiences, allowing you to catch up on what is new in the entrepreneurial scene around you in a day or two.

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