How to Build Your Network Like a Super Connector

World-class super connectors are much more than social media gurus with a huge following or networking masters, who know everybody at every event they attend. Super connectors aren’t just well-known in their field as experts; they have built through the years strong, meaningful, and strategic business relationships and keep building new ones.

Super connectors use their strong connections reasonably and have the power to change not only their own businesses for the better but to change the whole business landscape through channeling their business relations.

World-class connectors aren’t just great networkers. Super connectors aren’t just memorable and interesting conversationalists with compelling charm; they have a natural flair for business, the ability to think strategically; they are genuine and honest, and are driven not only by their own personal interest but by the interest of all parties involved.

Their business relationship success is a result of a long process. Super connectors use their unique talents and approaches to take networking to a whole new level, but there are many common ingredients of success that they share. Here are three essential networking elements that you need to incorporate into your strategy if you want to network like a super connector.

Network methodically

Super connectors don’t network chaotically. Attending every networking event and meetup, and speaking with every single person in the room isn’t their priority. They prefer to network strategically; to connect on a deeper level with the other person not just to rush through the crowd shooting business cards at everyone.

Super connectors do their research; have an agenda but easily sense new opportunities; are concise in their networking efforts. You will never be a great networker if you bet in quantity and ignore the quality of the relationships.


The most powerful way to connect with an executive is to get introduced by someone close to them. If you don’t have a good reputation, not many people will be happy to introduce you to their network or to give you their reference. In order to move strongly and quickly up the networking ladder, you need to build a strong name for yourself. Position yourself as an honest, trustworthy, credible person, who stands out with good manners if you want people to trust you with their reputation and to feel comfortable with introducing you to others.


Super connectors make a lot of introductions. They aren’t focused only on building their own networks but help other people do the same. When you have a large network, one of the most effective ways to channel its power is to use it for a greater good. Helping other people to connect with each other, based on their shared interests, values, and business directions, is what super connectors are very fond of. Making powerful introductions is a great way to give back to your community and to really make a difference in a deeper level.

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