How to Increase the Level of Focus in Your Startup

Distractions are everywhere – from the notifications on your phone through the constant email flow to the office small talk, the list goes on and on. Avoiding distractions and re-gaining your focus back isn’t very simple, yet it is achievable.

While dealing with distractions happens on a personal level, there are ways to increase the productivity levels in the company through helping your team members to become more focused. Here are three ways to do so:


When your team members have a clear understanding of the importance of their role in the company, they tend to feel more connected to the work. And when a job is done with a sense of purpose and impact, it is often done well and on time.

Employees, who understand clearly their purpose in the company and have their personal goals and beliefs aligned with the company’s mission, are more productive, have a better sense of priority when it comes to taking up new projects and manage their time more effectively.


The causes of bad meetings are many and they should be eliminated because a constant flow of unproductive meetings can be of a great significance determining the overall efficiency of the work the whole team does. Show that you respect the time of your employees and say NO to unproductive meetings.

The next time you call a meeting make sure that you invite only the people who should be there, that you make the agenda clear before the meeting, that you are prepared to manage the time during the meeting as planned, and that you make it clear what is expected from each of the attendees once the meeting is over.


Having a clear plan of what has to be done until when is a great way to keep everybody at the office in the loop of projects with high priority. Planning and strategizing is essential yet shouldn’t be done in the simplest way possible.

The best approach is to engage your team in the process of planning the weekly/monthly office schedule. If they are personally involved in the crafting of the plan, they will feel more engaged in the workflow, will know why the certain task has such a priority and will be able to keep their laser focus on the tasks.


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