How to Make the First 30 Seconds of Your Pitch Count


Undoubtedly, the first impression people get from us really matters! It takes just 30 seconds for an investor to decide if they are interested in your pitch. When pitching, if you don’t win the attention of the audience from the very beginning, it will be very difficult for you to get it somewhere in the middle, leading to the conclusion that first 30 seconds of a pitch are crucial. To make sure that you start off well, don’t overlook the importance of the following three pitch elements the next time when you present your business to investors.

Dress for success

Pitching events give an opportunity to accelerate your chances of winning funding and expanding your network. Many entrepreneurs spend all of their time preparing their pitches, but the ones, who are truly going with the ambition to make the most of the event, dedicate sufficient amount of time to their look as well. To make the most of the first 30 seconds of your pitch, make sure that you send the right signals to the audience – the body language matters and so do the clothes that you are wearing. Now is not the time to scrimp or to make some bold fashion statements – keep it on point, choose the right fit and color and make sure that you feel comfortable, confident and professional.

Show your passion

Excitement is contagious – make sure that you are presenting with emotion and that you show your passion for your business. During the first 30 seconds you will have the chance to grab the attention of the audience by expressing your enthusiasm. You must convince the investors that you are passionate enough and truly dedicated to the startup, but also to be able to make them feel passionate about your business as well. Arouse interest immediately by starting off with a great story that highlights the passion and the dedication that you have for your business and you will never miss the mark!

Distinguish your pitch from the rest

Pitching events are very important because of the countless opportunities they present. The entrepreneurs are competing for the attention of the investors. During the event, the investors meet with many startup teams. The ones, who manage to gain their interest, can dramatically increase the odds of winning funding. To turn the chances in their favor, the pitching entrepreneurs should find a way to stand out from the crowd. Make the transaction between the pitches the investors heard before and yours. Outrun the competition by not only being better, but by being the best!

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