How to Rebound After a Terrible Work Week

Having a bad day is bearable. It happens. And it is easier to rebound from it. But turning around a bad week requires much more than practicing stress-relieving techniques and taking some time off. Rebuilding your mojo after five work days of negativity, awful news, stress, and bad luck is not easy but is possible. Here is how to begin:


Naturally, this step comes at the first place. Take the time to evaluate the week and try to understand what and when went wrong. The series of bad events happening may have caught you off guard. You may not have had the ability to react in the best way possible but you have the power to reflect on them and create a recovery action plan.

Ask yourself the following ten questions and write down the answers. This will build the foundations of an effective recovery strategy:

  1. What happened?
  2. When did it happen?
  3. What caused it?
  4. Who was involved?
  5. What was the damage?
  6. Can I do something about it?
  7. If I can’t do anything about it, how can I minimize the negative effect?
  8. If I can do something about it, what will I need to do?
  9. Who can help me?
  10. How can I prevent something similar happening in the future?
Personal recovery

Now that you have evaluated the past week, it is time to step out of the office and give yourself enough time to recover on a personal level. Try to lower the stress by doing something that you love – plan a short getaway, practice sport that you enjoy, read a book, get a massage, take a relaxing bubble bath, or simply catch up on sleep. Whatever works for you when it comes to dealing with stress, do it!


Now that you’ve recovered on a personal level, it is time to get back to work. Plan the week ahead carefully. Open a new page and don’t let the experiences from the previous week distract you. Just because you’ve had a bad week it doesn’t mean that the new one should be bad as well. It is up to you to turn the things around. Plan boldly, set realistic expectations, and believe in yourself.

You have been given the gift of failure, so you can grow and become better than before. Take up the challenge and step back in the office on Monday morning with a head held high ready to take on what the new week has prepared for you.

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