How to Stay Focused and Productive During Times of Crisis


When a difficult situation arises, people tend to panic. The anxiety prevails and often compromises the ability of the people to objectively observe the situation and to look for solutions. Many crises of different scale and type emerge in one’s lifetime – no matter if the crises is personal, professional or economical, it is always a concern. Keep calm and move forward is easier said than done, especially in times of uncertainty. To help you stay focused and productive during times of crisis, here you can find three main steps to follow.

Get informed

People tend to exaggerate most situations. Looking at a problem too optimistically or too pessimistically is extremely harmful for every business owner. Finding the balance is what every entrepreneur should aim for during times of crisis. Before you make final conclusions about a situation, make sure that you take all facts under consideration. Evaluate the situation by analyzing what led to it and what can be done. Always get informed from different sources of information – for example, if your startup is struggling, to find and to understand better the cause and gain deeper insight, you should talk to your accountant, the HR, the marketing team and so on.

Look for opportunities

Entrepreneurs should be flexible when it comes to their reactions in difficult situations – there are things that can’t be controlled by you – the faster you accept this fact, the faster you will focus again on the things that are in your reach and depend on you. Stop obsessing over the given circumstances and look for the opportunities that can arise. Many businesses are destroyed in times of crises, but the ones that manage to pivot not only survive, but thrive with the time.

Develop a strategy

After you have collected enough unbiased information, analyzed the situation objectively and discovered the emerging potential, it is time to develop an action plan and a functional strategy. The times of crisis are the times that you should work even harder than before. Being uncomfortable is what motivates people to get more creative and dedicated. In times of crisis, the stake is very high – the future and prosper of your startup can get hit hard, so now is the time to keep your focus on the things that really matter, to get organized, to work harder and more productively, following the developed new “crisis” strategy.

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