Information as the Driving Power of Innovative Thinking


The need to have up-to-date information about everything important that is happening not only in their niche, but in the world in general, is becoming a necessity for people who want to be experts, influencers and innovative thinkers, for people, who run startups and aim to build companies that not only look at the future, but are working hard towards building this future. Information plays a key role in innovation, but nowadays, the information overload is considered to take up as a big problem.

The power of knowledge

Great leaders bet on employees and team members, who are eager to learn, to stay informed and are interested in the trends, and may be often create the trends themselves. Information is the driving power of innovation! Innovative ideas are rarely coming in life after a simple Aha! moment. The apple falls from the tree and there is gravity explained! Well, this is not the case.

The ability to sift out the constant information flow is very important skill, which most entrepreneurs must focus on mastering.

Experts, who have spent many years of their lives learning, collecting and analyzing data and usefully implementing this knowledge into their daily work, are the masterminds, who create true innovation. The Eureka! moment is possible as a result of years of hard work and gaining knowledge, lined with  a little spark of right timing, inspiration and often surprise.

The information-driven startup culture

Entrepreneurs, who want to inspire their employees to learn more, should embrace information-driven startup culture that encourages creative thinking, learning and information collaboration between the team members. The information culture inspires and helps the entrepreneurs themselves and the team members to identify opportunities easily.

The birth of innovative ideas

The knowledge a person has can come in use in very unusual timings, commonly when the person is put out of their comfort zone. This is the reason why many great businesses are started in times of recession or a disastrous situation. The people put their knowledge in use and this, combined with an unusual situation (disaster, major setback or simple change of location while traveling or living in another country), great innovative ideas are born.

If you want to build a successful innovative startup that is disrupting your industry, you should focus on developing information driven innovation and encourage your team to learn, think out of the box, experiment and collaborate.

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