Research Shows That The Key to Innovative Teams May Be Diversity

Many entrepreneurs look for ways to make their companies more innovative in order to become more competitive in the market. But what can you do to make you’re the result of your team’s work more innovative? What should you look for when hiring? What to emphasize on?

Management consultant and diversity researcher Rocío Lorenzo and her team wanted to find the answer to this question. They wanted to scientifically prove that the key to more innovative teams is diversity.

For this purpose, they surveyed 171 companies looking at their innovation revenue and the dimensions of diversity measured by these six factors: gender, nationality, career, industry, age, education. The collected and analyzed enough data to come to the conclusion that diversity really fosters innovation.

In a TED Talk, Rocío Lorenzo shares with us the results of the research and talks about the advantages of the business if more and more companies focus on creating diverse teams. Let’s hear the talk and get a new perspective on diversity in leadership and the team.


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