The Newest Apple Park Drone Video Shows Apple’s Breathtaking Headquarter

Apple released a stunning drone video of the company’s new 175-acre campus in Cupertino, California, giving us an aerial view of the breathtaking spaceship headquarter.  

Envisioned by Steve Jobs, Apple Park is a fascinating center of creativity and futurism. The November drone video takes us on a journey around the campus as we can see some of the main attractions of the center like the beautiful pond, the fitness center and the outdoor food court.

Mesmerizing View Of The Visitor Center

We are also able to take a glimpse of the Visitor Center, an architectural extension of Apple’s new campus, which opened its doors to visitors less than a week ago. At the Visitor Center, the guests can experience a 3D model of Apple Park thanks to an augmented reality and also can enjoy a mesmerizing view over the main building and the surrounding green area from the roof terrace.

With a cost of 5 billion USD (just the land is estimated to be worth $160 million USD), Apple Park is the fifth most expensive building in the world by total construction cost. Expensive, yet quite impressive! See for yourselves in the video below.


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