On Facebook’s 14th Birthday, Mark Zuckerberg Acknowledges Some Big Mistakes in a Frank Post

One of the most common fears that entrepreneurs have is the fear of failure. Making mistakes is an inevitable part of success, but startup owners rarely find the strength to admit when they have taken a bad decision or made a wrong move.

The acknowledgment of failure is actually very constructive decision – it allows the leaders to learn from their mistakes, to get a better perspective on the decision-making processes, to build better relationships with others through honest communication and many more benefits.

This is why, when one of the most notable entrepreneurs of our times, the famous founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg described in a frank message the mistakes he and his team have made through the years, many people were touched and motivated to accept that everyone, even the successful people, isn’t always right.

The 245-words message that was posted on the 14th birthday of Facebook doesn’t give specific details of the mistakes but highlights common problems that many entrepreneurs face. Zuckerberg shares that making mistakes is an inevitable part of making progress. Do you agree?

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