The Pitch Deck Game Let’s You Create Great Pitches for Ridiculously Bad Startups

Crafting a pitch for your startup to present in front of investors is a challenging and serious business. How can we add some fun to it? Well, why not play a game that challenges the players to come up with creative pitches for ridiculously bad startups.

In fact, such game actually exists – it is called Pitch Deck and is created by the creative Fred Benenson. The concept of the game is quite simple – to create a new company, you just need to combine a pitch card from your hand with a Company card on the table. Then each player has to craft a short pitch to present their business. One of the players wears the hat of an investor and decides which company the players will be funding each round.

In the end of the game, there are two winners – the person, who pitched the most successful company and the person, who invested the higher amount in the winning company.

Pitch deck actually made a splash on Kickstarter. The campaign raised over $60.000 USD by almost 1,900 backers. For a pledge of $25 or more, the supporters received the game, including 90 company cards and 350 pitch cards.

Pitch Deck is the perfect game for entrepreneurs, who are nervous about pitching and want to have some fun along the process. If you want to buy Pitch Deck, check out their website here.

Cover photo credit: Kickstarter

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