The Pitch Deck That Helped Canvas Raise $9 Million


The funding process is a very complex process for a startup and the pitch deck plays an important part in it. Crafting an outstanding pitch deck that highlights your business in the best possible way is essential if you want to complete the funding round successfully.

Crafting the perfect pitch is an on-going process that includes many trial-error phases. Looking at pitch deck examples of companies that managed to raise millions of dollars is a great source of ideas and inspiration. This is the case with Canvas’ pitch deck that helped the company raise $9 million dollars.

Canvas is a software service that revolutionizes the way we work by allowing us to organize all forms and work processes on one platform. Canvas eliminates all manual processes when it comes to filling and organizing forms and spreadsheets by giving an effective solution. In an effortless and simplified way, you are able to customize, collect data, share the completed forms and even use the collected information for analytics.

In a Medium post titled Creating the Pitch Deck that Helped Our SaaS Company Raise $9 Million, Jason Peck shares the 10 key slides that helped Canvas secure series D from River Cities Capital Funds. These may not be all the slides, but they gi a pretty good impression on the pitch. Let’s take a look.



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