The Pitcher 2016 Participant IUGO Secures $400 000 Investment from Keiretsu Forum Turkey

We are happy to announce that one of the pitchers, who took the stage by storm during The Pitcher 2016 event, IUGO secured $400 000 investment by Keiretsu Forum Turkey, with a business valuation of $4.5 million.

Founded two years ago, IUGO is a smart device project, which is focusing on improving the driving experience by making it more secure and efficient. By modeling vehicle and road conditions, IUGO determines the most efficient driving behaviors and provides fuel savings of up to 20% along with improving security and reducing the risk of accidents by 60% by evaluating the drivers’ behaviors. The startup has the potential to change dramatically for the better the driving experience and make the road a safer place.

Congratulations to IUGO’s founder and CEO Evren Özatay and the whole team behind the venture for becoming the 22nd investment of Keiretsu Forum Turkey!

Keiretsu Forum Turkey is a partner of The Pitcher 2017 event. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your business in front of the most prominent investors in Turkey and the whole region, and apply now by filling this form!

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